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Check the coasts in Veracruz, activate gray alert for winds of 120 km/h this December 10th

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The Subdirection of Studies and Predictions Meteorological de la Civil Protection Secretary of the State of Veracruz activated the gray alert in the state before the flood of Frente Frío número 16 who will move through the state during the morning, the middle and part of the late to follow later Tabasco y la Yucatán Peninsula.

This meteorological system will not only be connected to the summer, it may tend to interact with a powerful mass of polar airwhat will happen heavy rainsincluded torments, north intense, as well as oil raising large wind cracks and a different temperature drop municipalities.

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The winds can occasionally fall into trees, spectacularly or master technology. Credit: Gob Veracruz

Strong rains could lead to floods in the most important cities, this is the climate forecast in Veracruz

The authorities’ prediction is that the potential of heavy rains with storms, wind gusts and electrical activity will increase. Papaloapan in Tonaláincluding Los Tuxtlas This could be the most affected area, with the lowest rainfall in the area. Tecolutla-Colipa.

With the rains I can find:

  • Crecida de rivers and arroyos
  • Floods in urban centres
  • Deslaves
  • Deslizamiento de terra
  • Derrumbes
Civil protection must be subject to recommendations. Credit: Gob Veracruz

Strong wind rattles may be left behind by the day and until the night of Sunday 10th December

Sin embargo, se prevén también un Northern event of rapid intensification with rachas de 100 to 120 kilometers now on the central-sur coast; de 85 to 100 kilometers for now on the north coast and hasta 90 kilometers per hour in the mountainous area between Xalapa, Nolinco and Misantla, as well as the Perote valley.

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The winds could provoke:

  • Destechamiento de casas
  • Trees, announcements and spectacular displays
  • Suspension of strategic services
  • Oleaje elevated from 3.0 to 5.0 meters looking for the coast

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