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Change in supervisory roles: in which you will benefit from the paternity license

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There Chamber of Deputies aprobó the increase of paternity permission from five to 20 days with a drop of blood, counted from the birth or adoption of the child. This decree was approved by the plenary of San Lázaro with 409 votes in favour, one against and two abstentions.

The document indicates that the patrons are obliged to obtain permission of paternity as established by the different provisions of the federal laws of trade and of the workers in the service of the state, based on the article 123 constitutional, in matters of paternity permission.

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He approved the expansion of his fatherhood license in Mexico. Photo: Captura de pantalla

In the event that the hija or hijo, as well as the mother, experience complications after childbirth, the permission can be extended for 30 days, as long as the medical certificate is present. Legislators recognize that it is a medicine that fosters equality and protects families.

What are the benefits of the paternity license?

The first days of birth or adoption of a baby are an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the father and the babyWhat could be beneficial in the social, cognitive and emotional development of the mentor, highlights the foundation of the project.

This extension of the parental license benefits the mental health of the mother and facilitates childbearing, another favorable point is that it improves the school performance of the children, this point based on a study that was carried out in a University of Norway.

UNICEF reported that remunerated fatherhood leave helps reduce maternal depression and close the gap in gender equality.

Diputados approved expanding the paternity license with 409 votes in favor. Photo: Cuartoscuro

How to obtain the paternity license?

Persons interested in requesting a paternity permit can request it from the moment of childbirth and up to 45 days after the child’s birth. This must be achieved before the Unidades de Medicina Familiar (UMF) or the subdelegations held by the IMSS in the 32 entities of the Mexican Republic.

Fathers must submit a written request which must contain the following information: date of birth of their hija or hija, as in the period of five disabled days requested for the license. To this you must add the birth certificate or the medical certificate of birth.

The paternity license helps the mental health of the baby and the mother. Photo: Cuartoscuro

Why should I ask for paternity permission?

If you request permission of paternity has been requested and there is no legal justification, you can take care of it Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Labor Defense (PROFEDET).

PROFEDET is a dependency of the Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social (STPS), it will be responsible for investigating the case and if it is determined that the company has violated its labor rights, it can be sanctioned.

You must submit the request before the PROFEDET no more than one year from the time when the violation of your rights occurred.

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