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CEO of Apple assures that traveler in the time supports an “iPhone” in color of 1670

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In social circles it is very common to find related stories with themes called “conspiracy theories“, which ones can lead to generating surprise and surprise among the users, while for another large sector there is no more chatter and basic information. However, they do not go far and wide and should be placed as they are trends or controversial points in digital conversations.

One of the most recent controversies was that triggered by Tim Cook, CEO de Appleduring his recent visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, a museum where he discovered an intriguing painting from the 17th century by the Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch, entitled “Young woman with a card and a man in an interior”, where it can be observed with sufficient clarity a supuesto traveler of the time with a iPhone. Or at least that’s what internet users called it once the image of God goes around the world.

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An iPhone in a painting from the 17th century?

Apple CEO Tim Cook. PHOTO: EFE

It was in Spanish “20 Minutes” as the CEO of Apple He looked at one of the most intriguing cases that have occupied digital conversations, and it concerns the extra object, very similar to a iPhonewhich appears in a painting dating back to 1670 and which was created by the Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch.

In the shadow a man is observed holding up a card which curiously appears next to the famous man’s panel. telephone intelligent de Apple. How do you realize that this image has become the object of speculation and debate precisely because of this visible detail. Because the questioners did not have any hope among the users, one of them is the possibility that this type of electronic devices existed in such distant eras.

“I’m not sure that we invented the iPhone”: Tim Cook

The Apple executive supports the famous smart phone. PHOTO: Special

This debate arose recently Tim Cook He declared that he was surprised to first observe the painting of Pieter de Hooch during a recent visit to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. At that moment Cook brooded about the creation of the iPhone to make sure that “I always thought that I knew when the iPhone was invented,” but I say that “now I’m not so sure.”

It is important to note that the executive of Apple he was surprised by this image that had brought up questions about the existence of technology advanced in distant eras, such as the year 1670, or if it is only about extra coincidences that have been talked about by more than one. amazing.

The famous painting by the Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch. PHOTO: Special

If there are many people who are more concerned with these speculations and theories, there are also those who are sure that only one illusion optical or subjective interpretation. Ask on the air the question about whether an object may have existed for a long time or whether it is simply about objects similar to others, which coincidence can be discovered by multitudes.

The person in the picture appears to support an object similar to an iPhone, but it will be a card. PHOTO: Special

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