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CDMX will keep cool for the night, PC issue these recommendations

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The Secretaría de Gestión Integral de Riesgos y Civil Protection I alerted the citizens of the low temperatures that will be recorded during the night of this Monday 27 November and the morning of the next Tuesday. De acuerdo con la dependencia, el ambience frio it will predominate in all the heats of the capital and will be more intense in the highest points of the Valle de Mexico.

Following estimates PCon these Mondays the minimum temperature is there City of Mexico it will be 9 to 11 °C and the maximum is 20 to 22 °C. In this context, the authorities shared a series of recommendations so that the inhabitants of the city of Mexico protect themselves from the cold climate and avoid contracting respiratory illnesses, which increase during the winter season.

Following reading:

Freeze and rain from the front of the 12th June with mass of polar air will affect various states

These are the 6 CDMX kettles that will freeze on Monday 27 November

This month the cold climate will predominate. Photo: Protección Civil.

What are the recommendations before the cold?

  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Use at least three capes of clothing, preferably wool or wool
  • Cubrir nariz y boca
  • Ingest abundant liquids and foods rich in vitamin C, which help strengthen the immunological system
  • Use cream to hydrate and protect the skin from the cold
  • Don’t smoke in closed places or look for older adults, older adults or sick people

In the case of high areas, where ice and snowfall may appear, the authorities recommend the following: avoid traffic on roads with visible skies and handle with extreme caution, as the asphalt carpet becomes slippery; use tight shoes to avoid freezing of the feet; use thermal clothing (especially thin and thick clothing); use raincoats or raincoats.

In high areas you may record snowfall or snowfall. Photo: cuartoscuro.

Free Front number 12 affects distinguished states of the country

On the other hand, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) explained that the Frente Frio number 12, in combination with a mass of air will cause a marked drop in temperature with heat in the areas of the north, north, north, center and east of the Mexican Republic; During the night and early hours of Tuesday, it is possible that snow or rain falls may be recorded in the upper mountain peaks of the center and east of Mexico, such as in El Nevado de Toluca, Popocatépetl, Iztaccíhuatl, Sierra Negra, La Malinche, Cofre de Perote y Pico de Orizaba.

  • Minimum temperatures of -10 to -5 °C with temperatures: Sierras of Baja California, Chihuahua and Durango
  • Minimum temperatures of -5 to 0 °C with temperatures: Sierras de Sonora, Coahuila, Zacatecas, State of Mexico and Puebla
  • Minimum temperatures of 0 to 5 °C: Sierras of New León, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Veracruz

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