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CDMX police prosecution for alleged torture: Tax

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Based on the trial data brought by the Ministerio Público (MP), the Fiscalía General de Justice de la Ciudad de Mexico (FGJCDMX) aims to a juez de control the binding to proceedings against two elements of the Police for his alleged participation in the crime torture.

According to an official tax release issued by Ernestina Godoy, published on Sunday 11 February, the crime register will be opened in May 2022 in the Tlalpan County of Mexico City (CDMX) and, derived from the trades of investigation, a godly judgment on the process against the uniformed men. Asymism, as it should be noted that if you are found guilty, you could face a penalty of three to 12 years of prison.

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Subsequently, the detention took place Alejandro “N” and Alejandro “N”those were identified as the elements allegedly responsible for torturing a citizen whose identity is kept under reserve for the sake of his safety and protection.

“During the completion of the hearing of the order of apprehension, and where the court has the legal qualification, the agent of the Ministerio Público de la Fiscalía de Investigación de Delitos Cometidos por Servidores Públicos formulated the corresponding charge”, as read in the menu.

The investigation will be carried out by FGJCDMX Photo: cuartoscuro

Asimism, the game determined to impose as a measure of caution the preventive prison to the accused; same as that he left the FGJCDMX for a month to this end the complementary investigation corresponding to being able to continue with the juicio

In accordance with the information disclosed by the Tax Office, the detainees, in their caliber of preventive policies, allegedly shot and tortured a person on board a patrol car on the streets of the Pedregal de San Nicolás colony.

In this respect, the local authority emphasized that it will not tolerate this type of conduct among officials nor will it allow impunity, so that it will raise the case with strict apego at the right level and the presumption of innocence of both individuals will be respected while the process is brought to bear judicial.

Punishment for carrying out torture in Mexico

De acuerdo con los articles 24, 25 and 26 of the General Legislation to Prevent, Investigate and Sanction Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Punishments, include the crime of torture which is punishable and generally harmed to someone during a criminal investigation. For this reason, punishments of three new years of imprisonment are imposed and aggravating punishments will be applied to the person

  • With the authorization, approval or approval of a Public Servant come some of the conduct described in the previous article.
  • With any degree of authority or participation, intervene in the commission of any of the behaviors described in the previous article.

In case of this, the penalty can be six 12 years of prison; additionally, he will deprive her of cargo and disable her from public function for the same amount of time that he remains imprisoned and that time he will start running once he seeks his freedom.

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