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Top 5 Rules To Become Successful You Should Know

How the rich get rich – It is often seen that the rich get richer and richer, while ordinary people are not able to make money that way. His special approach works to make the rich richer, while ordinary people lack this special attitude.

According to a report by BBC Capital, common people often buy property, gadgets or ash-o-comfort things after getting money, but the rich do not. His approach to money is different from the common people. Money is like a tool for them, with the help of which they get more money. That’s why they become richer, while people stay where they live. Let us know about 5 such things, through which rich people make money from money.

No expense, money for investment Rich people don’t spend money, they invest it. As mentioned above, common people buy luxury things with money, which means money is spent there, which does not get any return. Whereas the rich invest money, meaning they invest money in such a place, from where they get good returns.

not in a hurry Rich people do not rush to invest money. There are many such examples, when the rich sold the entire business, but they did not spend money in haste but waited and invested money in the right place and are very successful today.

always take risks Rich people invest their remaining money in a profitable place. They trap money in a new type of business idea or in a business that has a lot of scope in the future. According to experts, there is a huge risk of losing money in such a business. However, if the business goes on then there is a possibility of getting minimum 2000 percent profit.

investment in multiple locations Rich people do not invest money in one place, they always have their eyes on new types of business. That’s why their money is also spent in different places. It is believed that half of the newly started companies get stalled, they can give profits up to 50 times. In such a situation, the losses found at other places are also covered by the profits here.

Investing in specific properties Rich people invest their money in art work or wine or commercial property. They get good returns on these in the long run. According to experts, the rich buy two-three houses in different parts of the world, giving good returns in the long run. You will find many such billionaires around the world who are making good money from this type of investment.

Always Adopt These 7 Qualities To Be Happy Always In Life

7 qualities for a happy life: In the issue “Nitsar” published by GitaPress Gorakhpur, 7 such qualities of a human have been told, which make him the most special. The person who has these qualities, his life is considered complete and such a person gets every happiness in life. If you want all kinds of happiness and happiness in your life, then include the 7 qualities mentioned here…

Satyam krishajavam dhyanamanrishyamahinsanam.
Dum: Prasado Madhuryam Mriduteti Yama Dasha.

Friendship – The person who easily makes a place and belongingness for himself in the mind of others, he is considered very lucky. Because friendship is considered the biggest asset of life.

Policy – Everyone should have some principles in their life. The one who follows the policies is never attracted towards wrongdoing and becomes respected in the society.

Valor – Many people are compelled to do wrong things because of the fear or pressure of others. Therefore, everyone should have the quality of speaking their point of view fearlessly and speaking the truth.

Forgiveness – Forgiving the mistakes of others is considered the most important quality of a human being. People who have the ability to forgive others, happiness and peace always remain in the life of those people.

shame – Many people are shameless by nature, due to which their negative image is formed in front of others and they have to face problems. There should be shame in everyone.

Industry – The quality of industry is the art of earning money. This is one of the most important qualities. Everyone should have the art of earning money for living by walking on the right path.

Mercy – There must be a feeling of love and kindness towards others. God is always pleased with a man of generous nature and all his wishes are fulfilled.

Always Adopt These 7 Qualities To Be Happy Always In Life

Easiest Way To Stop Procrastinating

The path of Procrastination failure is considered to be in easy language, if you understand the definition of Procrastination, then it means that due to laziness, etc., it is called Procrastination.

Many people have become a habit of failure. Look around you today, you will find many people who are unsuccessful and failure has made them a habit or can say that they have made failure their best friend.

Failure is a friend who is very honest. The person who makes failure his friend, failure does not leave him until the person who befriends him leaves him.

Let me tell you that here a person who is unsuccessful does not mean a person who is very poor, under a lot of stress and has got some big failure.

Here the unsuccessful person means the person who till date has not been able to start the work properly which he wanted to do with the goal. There are many such unsuccessful people in this world.

Now the question is that there is such a thing (failure) which no one likes but still it is with most of the people in the world, why so?

That’s because most of those people have inculcated some habits that love failure.

Your habits decide whether your friendship will be a success or a failure.

Your habits are the turning point from where it is known whether you will go to the top or to the downfall.

People have developed habits that act as a magnet for failure. Now if a person lives on this earth with this magnet (wrong habits) and wants him to get success, then it is not possible.

Such habits exist in most people. This is the reason that 10% of the world’s people have 90% of the world’s wealth and 90% of the people have 10% of the wealth. The reason is clear why this is so.

There are many such habits that attract failure like a magnet, one of them is such a habit which is the leader of all the bad habits that have become a magnet.

Would You Like To Know About That Leader Habit?

Friends, The name of that leader habit is – Habit of Procrastination. It is a habit that like an epidemic is ingrained in the hearts and minds of the people.

This is a leadership habit that has left most people handicapped.

A handicapped who can walk but with crutches. He can see but with the glasses of despair.

He can do everything that an ordinary person does but with the thought that I wish! Had I done this work earlier or in time, today I would have been what I had thought to become.

Napoleon Hill studied successful people in his 20 years of research. In this research, he found one habit in all successful people and that habit was the habit of making quick decisions.

This habit of successful people is the exact opposite of ‘leader habit’ of unsuccessful people.

Where the name of ‘leader habit’ of unsuccessful people is ‘habit of procrastination’, the name of ‘leader habit’ of successful people is ‘habit of making quick decisions’.

The one and only habit either takes a person to the pinnacle of success or takes him to the land of oblivion.

Now tell me which habit you have to make your friend? ‘Habit of procrastination’ or ‘habit of making quick decisions’?

I know that you want to make the habit of making quick decisions your friend and your companion, you want to leave the habit of procrastination.

So congratulations, what is the delay today and now take such a decision so that your tomorrow can be better than today. Yes! Decide now…………….

Now if you have decided then please can you tell us and our readers also what decision you have taken today to make your tomorrow better.

You can share this valuable decision of yours in the comment section below. Now it is your decision whether you have taken any decision now or not.

If you do, then you are going to be a part of the list of successful people. And if you have not decided, then it is clear that you have made the habit of procrastination your friend.

whatever if If any person wants to be successful then he must take a decision today and now.

The habit of making quick decisions is not just a habit, but it is a power that has been used to create great empires throughout history.

By using this power, new inventions were made on this earth and are happening even today.

Elon Musk understood what the world needed today. When he understood what was needed, he immediately decided to build it and today Tesla is the number one electric car in the world.

Postponing any work until it becomes a bad habit, there can be no bigger mistake in the life of any human being.

But the good news for you is that this bad habit of procrastination can be changed and at the same time adopting the habit of making quick decisions with a little practice can be made a good friend.

But how? How to break the habit of procrastination? 

Easiest Way To Stop Procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating?

Let me tell you one of the best ways to quit procrastination, by adopting which you can leave the habit of procrastination and adopt the habit of making quick decisions-

1- The best way to break the habit of procrastination is to make decisions. Because both the habits are opposite to each other, so if you start taking decisions, then it will be left to postpone the work itself.

2- First of all start making small decisions. Later these small decisions will motivate you to take big decisions.

3- If you want to exercise and have been avoiding it for a long time. So take a small decision that from tomorrow you will do any exercise for just one minute. I think anyone can complete this decision.

4- You have to gradually increase this one minute. The best thing is that you will not only have to try to increase the time, but this exercise time itself will increase without any effort.

5- Exercise time will increase without effort because here you will start getting inspiration from your own work (one minute workout). This way you can stop postponing any task.

6- A rule works in the manner described above. That rule is that when you decide to do something for a very short time, you finish it because it is very easy.

Later on, you start getting inspiration from this work and because of that you start doing more of the same work.

I have told you this rule from the book 1% Formula. If you want, you can read this Self Help Book by buying it from here-

1% Formula Book

Also, if you want to know more about the power of giving up the habit of procrastination and making quick decisions, then you can read this article of ours-

1- Now stop postponing. Story On Stop Procrastinating

2- How to get big success from small efforts?

How to Use the Power of Gratitude? | Power of Gratitude

In today’s time, there is a lot of dissatisfaction inside the people, they always demand more and more and that is why they start ignoring those things which they have.

Basically in this blog we are going to know how to use the power of gratitude which will lead you towards success. Gratitude in simple language means to always appreciate those things which we already have and always give thanks to God.

The Law of Attraction says that whatever we focus on, it starts growing.

If you focus on your shortcomings, they will start growing and you will get upset. But if you pay attention to your good things, they will also start growing and make you feel happy.

Similarly, if you focus on what you don’t have and get upset, it is quite possible that what you have will soon be gone.

And Even if you pay attention to what you have and thank the Universe for it, it is quite possible that what you do not have will also come soon.

Let us first know what is the meaning of gratitude? (Gratitude Meaning in Hindi)

What is Gratitude?

1- GratitudeGratitude) is a mental exercise or meditation by which we give thanks or thanks to the Universe for the things that we have.

2- Through this we think about the smallest and biggest things that we have and that bring a feeling of happiness in our life or make our life easier.

3- Thinking positively about these things, we are grateful to the power that has given us all these things. This technique of giving thanks is called the Law of Gratitude.

Why give gratitude (thank you) to the Universe? An example

Let us understand more about Power of Gratitude. The biggest reason most people fail and get upset is that they think the most about their shortcomings or what they do not have.

Just look at Rahul, he has a nice house, a nice family, a car, a good job too.

And yes he is completely healthy in body and he is also recognized as an honest and good person in the society.

But one drawback of his life is that he is unable to go abroad with his family because of his job.

Rahul always thinks that what is the use of such a life in which there is no time to see the world with family.

What was the result? As we all know that whatever we focus on, that thing starts growing. Same happened with Rahul.

Everything was fine with him but he focused on what he didn’t have. Slowly his mind started not working, he started getting angry in the family too.

His house felt like a prison to him. One day while thinking about his absence, he was going somewhere in the car that suddenly he got distracted and got into an accident. Now he had lost a leg.

Thinking about what he didn’t have, he made it so big that he lost even the things he had. That’s why it is rightly said that you become what you think.

If Rahul focused on the things he had and thanked the Universe for those things everyday, those things and their joy would fill him with so much energy that he would find some way or the other to get that thing. Surely he would have taken out what he did not have.

This was because-

1- The things or thoughts about which we think (focus) more, those things start growing. This is the reason why we all should adopt Power of Gratitude in our life.

2- You should express gratitude to the Universe for everything that you have. In return, you will get all the things that you do not have now and which you want.

3- If you want to be successful, focus on what are the things you have that can help you succeed. Give thanks to the Universe everyday for those things (Feel Gratitude Everyday).

What are the things for which gratitude can be expressed?

Now many people will say that we do not have anything for which we can thank the Universe.

If so, then let me tell you the truth that every person in the world has very little “his faults” and “he’s got” too many.

We focus on the shortcomings, so we do not know exactly what we have got.

Let me tell you some things for which you can thank the Universe and increase it-

1- Thank the Universe that you were able to wake up alive this morning because millions of people in the world slept last night but could not wake up this morning.

2- did you have dinner today? Must have eaten. Thank you that you were able to eat today. Because crores of people in the world would not have got food today.

3- Thank the Universe that you are healthy. All the parts of your body are correct and functioning well. Because there are crores of people in the world who have some major disease or do not have any part of the body due to which they are in a very helpless condition.

4- Thanks to the Universe (I am Grateful) that you have a mobile, there is internet, with the help of which you can keep information about the world. Millions of people in the world do not have mobile and internet.

5- Whatever you use from waking up in the morning to going to bed. thank you for all those things (I am grateful) Do it because 75% of those things are not with 50% of the people of this world.

6- Thank you that you can think and success begins with thinking.

7- Thank you that you are reading this article. Because many things together have brought this article to you and there will be crores of people who do not even know how to read.

8- Feel Gratitude Daily for every little thing that you have got – the air, the trees, the sky, the colorful world, clothes, family, friends, mind, even your toothbrush that cleans your teeth. does etc.

I will not write much because if I keep writing, I will write about so many things giving thanks that a book will be made.

Think for yourself that there will be millions of such things given by nature and given by other people that you have and can make you positive.

If you focus on them and give thanks to the Universe for those things everyday, then such things will start growing more and will also bring the good things to you which you desire to achieve.

How does the power of gratitude work?

1- You now know that the things we focus on tend to grow. That is, that thing or other things like that start coming in our life.

2- Whenever you are grateful to the Universe for the things that you have, you are focusing on those things. So those things or other things like that start coming into your life.

3- Here you are doing two things – first, you are focusing (focusing) on ​​the things that you have and secondly you are giving thanks (gratitude) to the universe for those things.

4- Focusing makes things happen, but showing gratitude makes things go faster. This is because while thanking the Universe you are placing faith in the Universe whose positive waves make your focus spiritual.

5- The result of doing Gratitude is that what you do not have, you get distracted and you start enjoying what you have. This gives you confidence and you start taking positive action to achieve those things which you do not have and finally you get them with happiness.

How to develop the attitude of being grateful?

Gratitude should be included in your attitude. your point of view (attitude of gratitude) To the Universe should always be full of thanks.

But if you want to start Gratitude then the best time is right after waking up in the morning and just before going to sleep at night.

This is the time when your conscious mind is working less and your subconscious mind is working more.

Through gratitude at these times, you can confidently infuse positive thoughts of what you have in your subconscious mind. The rest of the work is done by your subconscious mind itself.

What are the things to keep in mind while using Power of Gratitude?

To use the power of Gratitude, you should keep all these things in mind-

1- Always focus on good and positive things and thank the universe for that.

2- While doing Gratitude you should be full of faith for the Universe. Not only the words but also the feeling.

3- Focus on what the Universe has given you, thank you for it, but also take the right action, using your energy for what you don’t have.

4- Keep in mind that when you are in a state of Power of Gratitude, you are giving a positive message to your Universe that you are completely positive and satisfied with what you have.

Now following this message the Universe will give you whatever you want and you don’t have right now.

In this whole process you do not have to doubt that how will the Universe accomplish this task?

You leave this work to the Universe, you just have faith and give thanks.

5- Most important thing: – Here we have given the name “Universe” to that Super Natural Power which runs this whole world and universe.

Here instead of the word “Universe”, you can also call that supreme power by the name of the supreme power you believe in and have faith in.

Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | folklore

Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | There is a folk tale from ancient India. There was a king in a kingdom. He was very religious and brave. The king had many qualities. One day an astrologer came to his court. Some minister told that he is a very perfect astrologer, his predictions always come true. The king’s curiosity increased. He called the astrologer to his palace. In the palace, the king showed his horoscope. The astrologer studied the horoscope for a long time, then he told the king that your life is useless, all your relatives will be killed in front of you. You will be left alone in your lineage.

The king was shocked to hear the astrologer. He went away in despair. He doesn’t like his work. Even in the court, there was a feeling of incompatibility. Seeing this all the ministers got upset. But, no one dared to ask anything from the king. One day, a wise minister named Maniraj, seeing his solitude, asked the king the reason for his sadness. The king said that that astrologer has said that my entire family will end in front of me. I am deeply shocked by this. I am worried about the safety of the family. The minister understood that the king was upset for some reason. He said that I know a Pandit Jagannath ji in Maharaj, he is also very perfect. I think I should talk to him once.

The king said okay. Invite them too. Pandit Jagannath was called. The minister explained all the problems. He also told the prediction of the old pandit. Pandit Jagannath also saw the horoscope of the king. He found that the old pundit predicted correctly. But, now he could not tell the king that all his relatives would die in front of him and he could not even tell any lie. He thought twice. Then, bringing a glow on the face, said Maharaj, there is no yoga of sorrow in your horoscope, you will rule for a long time. Your kingdom will grow continuously, year after year you will adorn the throne. You will be at the forefront of your entire family even in wealth and age. Your age will not be in the fate of anyone in the whole family. I don’t see anything wrong in your horoscope.

Pandit Jagannath reiterated the old pundit that all his relatives would die while the king was alive, saying that no one in the whole family is older than him. But the king was very satisfied to hear the pundit. He also gave him a lot of reward.

the essence of the story Lok Katha – Kadwa Sach | folklore
It is not necessary that the bitter truth should be told in a bitter way. Sometimes the way of speaking changes the effect of the talk. If the truth is bitter or there is a hard truth, it can also be told in a mild way.

Broken pot – Moral Story

A long time ago, there lived a farmer in a village. He used to get up early in the morning and go to distant springs to get clean water. For this work, he used to take two big pots with him, which he tied in sticks and hung on his shoulder on both sides.

One of the pots was broken from somewhere, and the other was just right. Because of this, by the time he reached home every day, only one and a half pots of water was left with the farmer. This was going on for two years.

The right pitcher was proud of the fact that all the water reaches home and there is no shortage in it, while on the other hand, the broken pot used to be ashamed of the fact that it could reach only half the water and the farmer’s hard work. Goes in vain. The broken pot started getting very upset thinking of all this and one day he could not live with it, he said to the farmer, “I am ashamed of myself and want to apologize to you?”

“Why? The farmer asked, “What are you ashamed of?”

“Maybe you do not know but I am torn from one place, and for the last two years I have been able to deliver only half of the water that I should have brought home, this is a big deficiency in me, and because of this your hard work would have been wasted. has been ”, said the broken pitcher sadly.

The farmer felt a little sad after hearing the pitcher and said, “No problem, I want you to see the beautiful flowers falling on the way while returning today. ”

The pitcher did the same, he kept looking at the beautiful flowers all along the way, by doing this his sadness went away, but by the time he reached home, half the water had fallen from inside, he became disheartened and started apologizing to the farmer.

The farmer said, “Maybe you did not notice that all the flowers were on your side, there was not a single flower on the right side of the pitcher. That’s because I always knew what was lacking in you, and I took advantage of that. I had sown the seeds of colorful flowers on the road on your side, you watered them little by little every day and made the whole path so beautiful. Today it is because of you that I am able to offer these flowers to God and make my home beautiful. You think if you were not the way you are, would I have been able to do all this?

Friends, we all have some shortcomings in us, but these shortcomings make us unique. Like that farmer, we should also accept everyone as he is and pay attention to his goodness, and when we do this then even a “broken pot” will become more valuable than a “good pot”.

3 Challenges That Will Make You Successful Personal Growth Challenges

If you want to change your life. If you want the success rate in your life to be constantly increasing, then you have to accept the daily challenges of personal development that give good results.

I think you are always looking for something that can improve your life. You are in the right place now.

In this article you will find some such challenges for self-development, which if you accept and complete, then you will move towards your successful future.

I have a question to you that do you want to achieve tremendous success in your life?

If yes! Then you should accept the Personal Growth Challenges that I have mentioned.

I am sure that if you accept the Self Growth Challenges mentioned here, then you will definitely complete them.

Friends, the best way to move forward in life is that whatever goals you have in life, if you want to win over them, then start taking challenges.

Last evening when I was walking in a park some children were playing there. In the park itself, the children had made some points where they had to run.

The children had fixed the time that they had to come back after touching the points given in the given time. Each time the time was reduced but the points remained the same.

Before the start of the game, the captain used to ask that this time you have to run this distance by running in 2 minutes! Who Accepts the Challenge?

The children who wanted to participate used to say loudly- Challenge Accepted!!!

Then he had to complete the challenge. Those who completed it were considered as winners.

From this incident, I felt that there was a secret working behind the children playing, running and being constantly engaged without feeling tired was to take the challenge.

It is true that if you start taking your problems as a challenge then they will be solved quickly.

Also, if you take some such Personal Growth Challenges that will guide your life in the right direction and lead you towards success, then will you also accept the challenge like those children !!! Will you speak?

I think you are ready.

3 Daily Personal Growth Challenges

Come, now I will tell you about Daily Personal Growth Challenges which if you accept then your life can change.

please inRead “Daily Self Growth Challenges” carefully and accept these challenges today-

1- Challenge to complete the morning routine

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to be healthy?

Do you want to increase your productivity? If yes then this Self Growth Challenge is for you only.

A better Morning Routine belongs to those people who have either been successful or are very close to getting success.

A Good Morning Routine includes all these things-

1- Wake up early in the Morning

2- Workout and Meditation

3- Creating a To-Do List

4- Give yourself a Dose of Miracle Words

5- Have a Healthy Breakfast

For personal growth, you must take this Morning Routine Challenge. You will get all these benefits from this Morning Routine-

1- Waking up early in the morning will give you fresh air, extra time for work with peaceful environment which will be productive.

2- Exercise will keep your body fit and meditation will keep your mind fit.

3- The To Do List will tell you what tasks you have to do during the day.

4- The dosage of wondrous words will increase your Inner Motivation and will force your subconscious mind to perform any miracle you want.

5- A healthy breakfast will give you the energy to work throughout the day and make you feel light throughout the day.

So are you ready to accept this Morning Routine Challenge?

2- Challenge to break your comfort zone

Your comfort zone is the area within which you feel comfortable working. As soon as you go out of this zone, you start feeling uncomfortable.

But you should know that you will get a sweet pill called success, not inside the Comfort Zone but outside it.

Going outside the comfort zone on the way to success is not easy for everyone but if it is taken as a challenge then nothing is impossible.

Rather, taking the challenge will make it easier. Now I will tell you what to do-

1- First of all you have to know the limit of your Comfort Zone. For example, you cannot exercise for more than 5 minutes. If you exercise longer than this, you Don’t feel comfortable. So exercising for 5 minutes has become your comfort zone limit.

2- Now you should take small simple steps to get out of the Comfort Zone. For example, now you should increase your exercise time by one minute every day. It will be easy and you will be able to get out of your comfort zone (5 minutes).

3- After some time you will have a new Comfort Zone which will be more than 5 minutes. Now you can increase it further as much as you want.

So isn’t this challenge worth accepting? What is the delay, accept this Personal Growth Challenge from now on.

3- Challenge of completing important tasks without mind

Most of the people are not able to succeed because they do not feel like doing those things which can lead to success.

Yes, it is a bitter truth. Everyone wants to know the habits of successful people but no one wants to adopt those habits.

Some people try to adopt Success Habits but within two to four days their will gives answer and they leave these Habits.

There are only a few passionate people who take the resolution that-

1- No matter what happens, I have to adopt all those habits by which successful people have been able to reach the pinnacle of success.

2- They are determined that whatever work is necessary to be successful, they will do them under any circumstances. Now whether they want to do those tasks or not.

3- The desire to get success (Success Desire ie Burning Desire) is so strong in some people that the biggest difficulties that may come in doing the work fall short in front of that desire.

Such people take Personal Growth Challenges and become successful.

You have to pay more attention to the third points. Because the truth is that there are many such habits and actions that even successful people did not want to do.

But on the strength of his strong willpower, he decided to work without mind and started.

The best way to work without thinking for a goal is to increase the desire to achieve that goal so much that in front of that desire, even the biggest problems will kneel on their knees.

So are you ready to accept this challenge to be successful?

I have full faith that you will definitely accept all three challenges because you are born to achieve success!!!

If you want to know personal growth tips so that you can know how to move ahead in life, then you can read this article of ours- Personal Growth & Development Tips

Storm – Inspirational Story

A girl was driving a car and her father was sitting nearby. A fierce storm came on the way and the girl asked the father – what should we do now?

The father replied – keep driving the car. It was becoming very difficult to drive the car in the storm and the storm was getting worse.

what do I do now ? The girl asked again.

Keep driving the car. Father said again. After going a little further, the girl saw that many vehicles were stopped on the way due to the storm.

He again told his father – I should stop the car. I can hardly see. It’s awful and everyone has stopped their vehicle.

His father directed again – don’t stop the car. Just keep driving.

Now the storm had taken a very terrible form, but the girl did not stop driving the car and suddenly she saw that something was clearly visible. After going a few kilometers ahead, the girl saw that the storm had stopped and the sun came out. Now his father said – now you can stop the car and come out.

The girl asked – but why now?

The father said – when you come out, you will see that those who stopped in the way are still trapped in the storm. Since you didn’t give up trying to drive the car, you’re out of the storm.

Storm – Inspirational Story Moral: This anecdote is a testament to those who are going through difficult times. Even the strongest of people give up trying. But the effort should never be given up. Surely the difficult times of life will pass and the brightness like the morning sun will come again in your life!

What Is The Most Important Thing To Become Rich? Get Rich With Planning

Everyone wants financial freedom in their life and everyone wants to become rich but do you know that to become rich you have to have a specific plan which we are going to talk about in this blog.

So if you have also not made your financial plan, then definitely read this blog and know how to do a financial planning so that you too can become rich and all these plans have been implemented by big entrepreneurs then definitely you should also do this for getting good results.

In a city, two people were talking to each other while sitting in a restaurant.

Kailash said, “Sohan brother, tell me one thing! We both have studied well, we also do a good job, we have also got good life partners. Everything seems to be fine but are you really happy? Or is something missing?”

Sohan said, “Kailash! You just said what was going on in my mind. Everything is good but still we are not rich. Our bank accounts are always empty even though we get good salary.”

Kailash said, “That’s the only thing that bothers me. By the end of the month, we feel like a poor person, whereas in our identity there are people whose salary is less than us but they are living a life of wealth.

Sohan said, “Why don’t we go to someone we know who is rich and ask him how do you become rich?”

Kailash also nodded yes and the very next day he reached a rich man in the city who was the son of a friend of Kailash’s father. His name was Lokesh.

It was sunday. Lokesh welcomed both of them at his farm house and made both of them sit in the room near his swimming pool.

Sohan said, “Wow! Is the cold wind coming? We will hardly be able to buy such a farm house.”

Lokesh smiled and said, “Sohan! There is nothing like this, you can also buy this kind of farm house, you just have to plan for it.

Kailash told the whole thing to Lokesh and said that we have come to take advice from you regarding this. Will you help us?”

Lokesh said, “I will definitely help you both. Both of you want to ask that why are you both not rich even though everyone else is good, while being like you, how did I become rich?

Both Kailash and Sohan shook their heads together.

Then getting serious, Lokesh said, “I have a question to both of you that whatever you both have thought of getting in your life till now, have you got everything?”

Together they replied, “No!!!”

Lokesh asked, “Out of the things that you have thought of achieving so far, which of the two of you have made your goal? And what concrete plan did you both make to achieve that goal?”

Sohan immediately said, “Me and Kailash are childhood friends. I completely remember that both of us had made a goal of doing engineering from a good college from the 10th class itself. and yes! While doing engineering, we had made a goal to get a job in a good company.”

Kailash did not stop, he also said, “We had planned well for both these goals. We went according to our plans and today both our goals have been achieved.”

Lokesh smiled and said, “Congratulations that your goals have been achieved but have you both only thought of becoming rich or have you made any goal for it till date? Do you have any concrete plans to get rich?”

Both said, “We have not thought of this till today.”

Lokesh then advised them both, “Whatever a person thinks of achieving, that thing comes to that person only when he makes a concrete plan to reach that thing by aiming for it.

Not only did you both think about doing engineering and getting a job in a good company, but both these things were goals for you and both of you had also made good planning to achieve these goals.

But now if you both want to become rich then make it your goal and go ahead with a good planning.

Now Kailash and Sohan started looking at each other. There was a gleam of hope in both of their eyes.

Sohan said, “Just want to ask one more question. That is, how do we plan to become rich? (How do we make plans to get rich) Also tell us something about making plans to get rich.

Hearing this question, Lokesh got up and sat outside the room on one of the chairs lying near the swimming pool and with the gesture of his hands called Kailash and Sohan out and made him sit nearby.

Then he said, “Now I want to tell you some more knowledge that I have about planning to become rich after seeing the eagerness of both of you. Don’t ask me any question in between. Just listen and keep understanding what’s in your mind.”

Both said, “Okay! You start telling.” Then the tea had arrived.

Lokesh picked up the cup of tea and after taking a sip of tea said, “You have to keep two things in mind while setting your goal to get rich. But you have to keep three things in mind while planning to become rich.”

“Keep listening to my words carefully and I sincerely hope that you both will listen to me with patience and apply them with enthusiasm in your life”-

What should be the goal of becoming rich?

Being rich means different things to each person. If someone will feel rich after getting one crore, then someone will not be able to feel rich even after getting 100 crores.

So each person’s goal may be different. You can make your goal keeping in mind your skills to earn money-

1- How much money do you want to earn to become rich?

While making a goal of becoming rich, you should decide how much money you need to become rich. This is very important otherwise you will never know when you will become rich.

For example, if you can make yourself feel rich by earning 10 crores then earning 10 crores should be your goal.

2- In how much time do you want to become rich?

While making a goal of becoming rich, you should fix a time as to how long you want to be rich. This is also very important otherwise it will not be possible to plan for the fixed amount.

For example, if you want to earn Rs 10 crore in 5 years, then include time along with debt in your goal.

You must decide both these things while making your goal of becoming rich. Also, keep in mind that your goal should not be such that you find it impossible.

Set goals according to your skills. The more skills you have to earn money, the bigger the goal you can make. If the skills to earn money are less then you need to increase them.

What should be the plan to become rich?

To become rich (How to get Rich) you need a solid plan. This plan should be according to your goal. For a good plan, you should keep these three most important things in mind-

1- The plan should be written on a paper-

While planning to become rich, you not only have to keep the entire plan in your mind but also write it well on a big paper and always keep that paper around you.

You should make several copies of this paper and keep it in your home, office or where you stay for a long time.

2- The plan should be such that it can balance your lifestyle-

It is most important that in order to become rich, you should make such planning yourself which does not affect your lifestyle, relationships etc.

This is because even if you become rich by leaving the essentials of life or at the cost of your close relationship, then there is no gain but loss.

Think if we lose our health in the pursuit of earning wealth, then there is no use. Therefore, keeping a balance in everything, keep a step towards getting rich.

3- Make your plan flexible-

Plan to become rich in such a way that if there is a need, then the planning can be changed a little bit. Keep in mind that some changes can be made in planning here, but the goal of becoming rich will always be the same, which should never change.

Making planning flexible is important because over time we can incorporate our tools, methods and new ideas into the plan and remove the things that are not working as the road to success.

Lokesh became silent now. Then Kailash and Sohan thanked him and said, “We love your advice. We used to think a lot about becoming rich but did not make it the goal till today, did not think of planning till date. We have found the way. Now we go. Soon we will meet again at the pinnacle of success.” Both of them left with the same promise.

Unchi Udaan – Motivational Story

If you are a fan of motivational and success stories, then getting the story “Uchi Udaan” can be quite exiting for you, in this article you will get to know the complete story of Uchi Udan, which you will enjoy knowing.

A long time ago, as a gift to a king, someone presented two children of an eagle. They were of a very good breed and the king had never seen such a magnificent hawk before. The king appointed an experienced man to look after them.

After some time the king saw that both the eagles had grown quite big and now they looked even more magnificent than before. The king said to the man taking care of the eagles, “I want to see their flight. You tell them to fly. The man did the same. As soon as the signal was received, both the eagles started flying, but where one eagle was touching the heights of the sky, the other, after going up some, came back and sat on the same branch from which it had flown.

Seeing this, the king felt something strange. “What’s the matter where one eagle is flying so well while this other eagle does not want to fly at all?”, asked the king. The servant said, “Sir, this is the problem with this eagle from the beginning, it does not leave this branch at all.”

The king loved both the eagles, and he wanted to see the other eagle fly in the same way. The next day it was announced in the whole state that the person who will be able to fly this eagle high will be given a lot of reward.

What was it then, one by one the scholars came and started trying to blow up the eagle, but even after weeks had passed, the condition of the eagle was the same. He would fly a little bit and come back and sit on the branch. Then one day something strange happened, the king saw that both his eagles were flying in the sky. He could not believe his eyes and immediately asked to find out the person who had done this feat.

That person was a farmer. The next day he appeared in the court. After presenting him with gold coins as a reward, the king said, “I am very happy with you, just tell me how you did the work which the great scholars could not do.” “Master! I am a simple farmer, I do not know much about knowledge, I just cut the branch on which I was used to sitting, and when that branch was not there, then it also started flying up with my partner.

We are all made to fly high. But sometimes we get so used to what we are doing that we forget our ability to fly high. That’s why in order to fly high, it is necessary that we cut off the branch which is obstructing us in flying high.