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Casa Sauza celebrates 150 years of legacy

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Quality and ‘Perseverance’ have been part of the formula of success for Casa Sauza, which this year celebrates 150 years of its foundation.

Don Cenobio Sauza started in 1873 the path to the first production of tequila, known as mezcal wine, and Don Eladio Sauza was the one who diversified the range of products and renewed the style, his advances paved the way for Don Francisco Sauza to adopt the original name and the legacy of this spiritual drink will be consolidated.

‘La Perseverancia’ was the first place of elaboration, so that the commemorative bottle of this anniversary returns home to this name.

For Servando Calderón, general director of Casa Sauza, además to remain in the taste of consumers, for the quality of its drinks,

“The difference is our people, with this passion, this honest love for the shirt, I promise, I believe that we have a key factor to continue and to continue these 150 years”, he assured.

However, this is not the only key to consolidate, it can be included

“Our customers, consumers, the trust of our inversionists, the compromise also of our experts”

The growth of the company is high,

“More or less we grow exports year after year, between 12 and 15 years ago,” confirmed Calderón.

While the industry is facing the conservation and maturation of the agave, this product can take 3 to 10 years to convert into Tequila

“The most difficult part for us is to control it, so that it doesn’t have any peaks or valleys in the price and so that the consistency is the same price so that we can continue growing”, anticipated Randy MCCan, director of Beam Suntory Mexico, who insisted on it that “regardless of how complicated it has become, we have overcome it. And the outcome is that we are coming from all the brands, including ours, from here. Y lo ves, México ha lo hecho muy bien”.

In the next few years, Casa Sauza seeks to conquer the markets where this drink does not have as much impact and for this reason it works in premium products, it has started to increase consumption in mixology

“This is the outcome of tequila; the ability it has to mix and be present on many occasions”, says McCan

On the night of this Tuesday, the explanatory of the Hospicio Cabañas was the perfect scenario for those with fireworks, pines, agaves and for the sake of it, tequila, to display the commemorative bottle with special invitees such as workers, consumers, promoters and other people key to the house Sauza.

In the musical part, the event included the presentation of the singer and composer Lila Down, who sang in Spanish, but also in indigenous languages, accompanied by live musicians.


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