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Carlos Molnar: Who was the man who was murdered next to the Canserbero rape?

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The case of the death of the famous rapero Tirone José González Oramabest known as “Canserbero“, gave a 360º turn around ex-manager Natalia Améstica he confessed that he was as worried about the singer as he was about it, Carlos Molnar. But, where is this other person who also lost his life in 2015? We count you.

But before it is important to record that starting in November 2023, the authorities of Venezuela they decided to resolve the case of the Canserbero fallacy. Indeed, the fiscal general Tarek William Saab, has made public distinctions hallazgos of the history that moved the world of rap.

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Who was Carlos Molnar, the man who was sent to Canserbero?

Carlos Molnar —the man who was married all his life together with the rapero Canserbero, was also a musician. Here, I read with information shared by the average caller I am rappinghe was the bass player of a famous reggae band Zion TPLthe same thing that was created in 1993.

Carlos Molnar was also a musician. Credits: @elcanserbero.

An important point about his presence in the musical world that led him to explore various scenarios in Europe, is that Carlos Molnar it was the pareja de Natalia Améstica. It is assumed that both of them were older than 10 years old and that they also turned into a pair of children.

Canserbero was asked by his representative

The authorities rejected the version of the murder-suicide. Credits: canserberooficial.

December 2023 has become a relevant month for our fans Canserbero. And this Tuesday is the fiscal general of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, informed that the initial version of the “homicide-suicide” had been discarded. In this sense, he ensured that the two material and intellectual authors of the double asesinato of the rapero and of Carlos Molnar son Natalia Améstica y on hermano Guillermo.

After a business conference, the tax collector shared a video in which Natalia he confessed crimen. Asimism, he calified the hallazgos in this case as a “triumph” in the state of Derecho de Venezuela and complete all the tasks that you need to do to reach these new conclusions.

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