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Cardenas, always Cardenas

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These are happy moments for me República. Los conflicts y las divisions if they intensify, they imply serious and worrying risks in all areas, if there is a lack of confidence, a great desunion and a clear flaw in leadership.

The president in turn maintains an attitude intolerant, willing to impose, for the first time to convince. On her conduct e.g autocraticFor this reason there is great suspicion of democratic advances and fundamental fear of cooperation and lack of impartiality.

Opposition is uncontrolled in the eyes of the unity and, on the contrary, victims of actions persecutory contrary to law and morality.

Los Poderes de la Federación they maintain a conflictive system, from which they demand servility, giving way to a presidentialism that has never been seen before. The world of music is embraced and every now and again with major descalings, with a shadow to enter the world of the back, yes, close to the origin, but with clear signs of trying to disappear, to give way to the most absolute obedience.

In the economic context the situation is also depressing, the fear of the productive world is increasingly intense; the suspicion turns every day and the social grievance becomes dangerously so increase.

The political and economic future comes together in a moment cold, where desperation can cause a social breakdown, which leads us to the massacre. Before such a bitter panorama, it is essential to seek unity, prudence and enhance confidence. For him only have a response, CÁRDENAS, ONLY CARDENAS.

Indeed, it is time to send them to the Engineer Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzanowhich occupies the Prime Magistracy of the Country, is the only and viable solution, otherwise the disaster is imminent.

In this size, we know well that it doesn’t have a good “moraineist” do not accept this suggestion; Let’s join the national movement movement (Moraine) an amorphous grouping, lacking in ideology, where opportunism was given the most space, without forgetting that the majority of the members come from the extinct cases PRI y del no menos relevante PRDBut above all they are thoughtful people, aware of the drama that comes with it, of such strength that the Cardenist proposal will have a sustainable value for them. In this tenor we accept that even the Orthodox panists respect the figure of the Engineer, knowing well that it is a guarantee of excellence, human quality and a profound democratic and republican vocation.

The economic sectors of the country without exception, recognize the virtues and prudence of Cuauhtémocon the same name implies respect and unity, decency and security, full guarantee of what any inversionist also, clear and consensual rules.

In the social majoritarian sphere such as the salaried world, the figure of Cárdenas is undaunted to be worthy of respectabilityadmiration and that of those who love you can ease the fears of his advances and guarantee continued social relations.

For what makes the thinking class people understand the meaning of culture and even more, those who write history, hold in Cárdenas, a paladina person of the same name, with whom the nation maintains a feud with someone with his talent, honesty and rectitude, has seen the indisputable democratic change in which our regime now exists, but unfortunately the devil has gone out of control and the Cardenas are here he will give her an indisputable advance now, as Mexican democracy is never uncertain and unstable.

Thus, Cárdenas guaranteed the most difficult moment of the Republic, for his part, yet it is in great and excellent conditions to guide its destiny país. We support this solution, viable and patriotic.

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