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Captain in Leon walking along the streets of Zapopan, where did he come from?

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A cachorro de leon he was seen walking along the streets of the municipality of Zapopan in the state of Jalisco. They visited the street on December 8th on Paseo de la Noria located in the Colonia Colinas de San Javier. Although the competent authorities attended to the case, it did not cause surprise among the inhabitants of the area.

Until now you know what the elements were Zapopan Animal Protection The people followed the report to get to know the citizens and proceeded to rescue the animal. However, for now they have not yet issued any official communication or information regarding the procedure that they have undertaken with the little boy.

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The reaction of the people before the lion in Zapopan

The video of the cachorro was spread across social networks leon walking along the streets of the Jaliscien demarcation. The capture that goes viral lasts only five seconds and in it it is possible to observe how the little feline goes to the table without any kind of inconvenience.

They and the users of social networks reacted to the sighting of the lion. Credits: X/

In this respect, the reactions of users in social circles should not be expected. With comments such as “someone got on top of her”, “Where did she get off?” or “Zimba, huye, huye”, the Internet users did not miss the opportunity to be surprised by the sighting of the small feline.

How do you go about saving an animal?

If you want to meet a rescue animal, the best thing is to stay calm. Credits: Pexels/archive.

The sighting of the león For the streets of Zapopan it is not the first of this type. Just record each and every occasion you have observed osos for avenues and public spaces in the state as New Leon. Before situations like these, what should you do? From acuerdo with the magazine National Geographicsome of the meditations that can be followed are the following:

  • Keep calm
  • Avoid visual contact
  • Don’t try to run
  • Do not touch the animal
  • If you can, leave space and care

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