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Camila was kidnapped by her husband, she confessed it and asked for it in freedom

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El feminicide de una menor de edad llamada Camila “N” has caused indignation among the inhabitants of the Mexican state. From the testimony of her family members, the little girl, 12 years old, was taken away by her hermanastro, Humberto Arnoldo “N”, who attacked her with a white weapon until he left her alive. They occurred in March of this year, but only for one day, the feminicide quedó en freedomit weighs on me who admitted the crime.

Through the means of communication, the wife of the victim, a woman called Aracely Rosas, God knowing that the man who gave up his life to his sister was freed after the 8th of November, so he was declared culpable of the crime when he was arrested. Camila’s family now realizes that the case is not unpunished and that the assailant of the youngest daughter receives a sentence in prison for having given up the life of the little girl.

Family members met the body of the youngest child. Photo: cuartoscuro.

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What if you know about the case?

Of knowledge with the information, shared by the authorities, the feminicide occurred on March 29th of this year. Camila he found himself under the care of his brother mayor and both were jointly living in a living room located in the Colonia Unión de Guadalupe, in the municipality of Chalco, State of Mexico.

The victim’s family members detailed that Humberto Arnoldo “N” physically attacked Camila and later removed a stinging object to attack her, causing the small girl to wall up in the place. Subsequently, the farmer placed the body of his middle wife in one of the rooms of the house and hugged him. Camila’s body was found only a little later, so that the authorities had noticed her in the evenings.

Family members of the small piden justice. Photo: cuartoscuro.

Feminicida de Camila queda en libertad

Later, the authorities reported to Humberto Arnoldo “N”, who was walking along the streets of Chalco. The man was taken to the Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social in the area, where he was placed at the disposal of a judge. Following Camila’s daughter, Aracely Rosas, the feminicide confessed the crime before the police.

However, the victim’s wife was assured, in conversation with TV holethat’s what’s right quedó en freedom last November 8th, so that the family members of the younger generation called the authorities so that the case would not go unpunished.

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