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Caen two women for the alleged robo of 95 million pesos

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Two women who supposedly sustrajeron 95 million pesos of a house in which they provide their service as domestic workers, were prepared for elements of the Banking and Industrial Policy of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana.

They spent their time in a house located in the colony Lomas de Guadalupein the house Álvaro Obregón, of which the women, 20 and 37 years old and whose names have not yet been revealed, extrajered the money.

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“The complainant, 47 years old, refuted that moments before, sleeping in his home, listening to various noises and taking his breath in the wind, like two of his empleadas they left the place without notifying her and adopted an evasive attitude.

“He looked at the bag he was carrying and observed that inside it he had money actually owned by him,” he said. Banking and Industrial Policy in a press release.

Keep those presumed responsible for the robo

To confirm that the women were holding the money that supposedly was theirs, the affected person went up to the street to get the effects of the Policia capitalina and make the formal complaint by robo.

“The affected person reported to two women who were retained by various members of their families as well as possible managers, so that the banking policies carried out a security review, in compliance with the policy implementation protocol, which ensured approximately 95 million pesos in effect”, detailed the dependency.

The alleged responsible persons were presented before the agent of Ministerio Público to bring to bear the necessary diligence to determine liability in the times of the accused.

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