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Caen tres por asesinato de tennis profesor de Huixquilucan

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Three young people between 22 and 28 years of age, who passed in October, participated in a short time inside a restaurant located on the avenue Jesus del Montein the municipality of HuixquilucanState of Mexico and product of which a wrongful man, were bound to judicial proceedings.

Acquired with a press release published by the General Tax of Justice of the Mexican StateAlberto “N”, Uriel “N” and Christian “N”, aged 22, 24 and 28 respectively, were connected to the assistant of a tennis instructor, identified with the initial AMG players

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“On the 28th of October, these sujetos, when you meet in a restaurant identified as ‘Garden Burgers & Snacks‘, they allegedly started a crime resulting from this cause of damage inside the place, attacking the manager, a security guard and a 38 year old councilor, identified as a tennis teacher in this municipality, who died on November 4th passed, due to cranioencephalic trauma as a result of the blows he received.

“For these reasons, personnel of this institution took care of the activities of investigation of the cabinet and field that they permitted identify and detener a quién participó en esta agresión”, reported the Fiscalía.

Identify more people

I am aware of the investigations carried out by the Fiscal staff, at least you are sujetos they participated in the game, one of them hoped outside the building to help them in their home.

“From the analysis of video recordings it is appreciated that the six probables responsible they went up to the place, while for a seventh time they were waiting on the street aboard a motorcycle, performing surveillance functions.

After the henchmen, the victims were transported to a hospital of the area, so much so that AMG was taken to a hospital in the city of Mexico, where he later fell ill,” said the annex.

Follow the doctors there Cruz Roja de Polanco who attended the tennis teacher, his death was due to a cranioencephalic trauma, product of the coups which he suffered at the hands of the currently indexed people, also, stuffed objects from the restaurant.

The three alleged culprits were located there City of Mexicowhere they were detained and subsequently transferred to the Centro de Reinserción Social de Tlalnepantla, where they were bound to judicial proceedings.

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