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Caen six alleged generators of violence by a citizen in Tezoyuca

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Six people who will be connected to the ass of a man in a domicile located in the street Forests of Kenyaof the colony Ejidos de Tequisistlán in the municipality of Tezoyucathey were bound to the process.

The men happened on August 31st, when the six alleged perpetrators entered the house where the two victims were encountered, a group of people atacaron with weapons of fire. One of them died and the other was transported badly to a hospital.

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Gerardo ‘N’, Alma Isela ‘N’, Araceli ‘N’, Josué ‘N’, Kevin Misael ‘N’ y Angel ‘N’, they were bound to trial, after which this General Fiscalía de Justice was credited with possible intervention in the crime of homicide. The detainees were presumably members of a criminal cell generating violence in this region of the entity, investigated by the commission of high-impact crimes.

“The now detained arrived at the site aboard the three motorcycles and they broke into the house in a violent manner, where they presumably came to attack, where they sent a card with an intimidating message; one of the victims failed so much that the other was injured, so she was transferred to a hospital in the region where she received medical attention,” the Fiscalia detailed.

Successful joint operational realization

Luego de los hechos, la Fiscalía mexiquense, en conjunto con la Secretary of National Defensethe National Guard and federal authorities, brought numerous registers in the municipality of Tezoyuca.

“For the detention of these persons, federal and state authorities will carry out crimes among five members of the colony Tequisistlanof this demarcation, whereby there were five fire weapons, magazines for fire weapons, useful cartridges, telephone equipment and containers with extinguishing agents”, indicated the annex.

The alleged responsible persons were transferred to the Centro de Reinserción Social de Texcocowhere they will spend two months in official preventive prison, while determining their responsibility for these and other crimes committed in the region.

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