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Cae “patito policía” en la CDMX, extorsionaba a transeúntes y conductores en el Monumento a la Revolución

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A man It was held in the hot tub Cuauhtémoc located in the City of Mexico (CDMX), which was reported for allegedly exigir money to the people in the mediations of the Monument to the Revolution haciéndose pasar por policy de la Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC). And it is that with an apocryphal identification, the subject was amended by hiding people before their authorities.

Through a press release, the capital authorities informed that the detention attended to a citizen complaint made by the social media in which they advised that the man was charging as much money to motorcyclists as motorcyclists and transients to prevent them from taking them to an institution due to a complaint civic fault.

Following reading:

Detained to Jesus “N”, the second wrapped in the case of the seized polleros in Toluca

Detained at the alleged asesino of the young people of Celaya

How did the false uniform work in the Monument to the Revolution?

The man showed a police peace. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

I agree with a shared witness SSCthe only way to do the trick with your victims was to show them a plate of policy and tell them that you will have a “safety review”. Subsequently, she demanded the receipt of a certain amount of money in exchange for not raising it before a civic court to supposedly “fail authority”.

Please mention that you are in possession of the manthe security authorities encountered a metal plate, parking lots policy, a toy of candados by hand, pimiento gas and a retractable stick. However, the individual cannot confirm that he belongs to the SSC.

“I cannot confirm that I belong to the Secretariat of Security in the City as a personal active person, whose name immediately appears in the registers of this Institution”, stated the SSC.

How did they deviate from the above policy?

Objects that met them to the man. Credits: SSC.

It turns out that after the citizen complaint, Internal Asuntos officials went to the area of ​​the Monument to the Revolution with the aim of carrying out recorridos in the area. In this sense, a man asked for his help to accuse an individual with a red motorcycle to ask for it money.

As it was at that moment, the authorities approached the alleged person responsible, they carried out the corresponding review and, in order not to credit that it was a policy, they informed him. Now, you have been placed at the disposal of a Public Minister who will determine his legal situation, according to what the SSC.

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