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Cae en Iztapalapa alleged saqueador de tumbas

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I owe your probable responsibility for the illegal removal of the goods human hues of a pantheon, a subject was detained by elements of the Auxiliary Police in a cemetery located in Iztapalapa.

The prisoner, whose name has not been revealed by the authorities, pretended to save the rest of the bones of a cement plant located on the street of Tláhuac Avenue and Zacatlán Street, in the colony Lomas de San Lorenzo.

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The fire consumes a private pantheon in Miguel Hidalgo

With rounded crystals and stone damage: they enter the mausoleum of Debanhi Escobar and cause destruction in their tomb

Open a package to stuff objects in pantheon

“At the time, the man of 30 years of age told him that, moments before, he observed a lesson when he went out of a fosa and at first sight it was lifted rests oseosso that in a quick action, the officials detected it.

“De acuerdo con los protocols policiales, le realizaron una revision preventative, among which the rest of the bones, a hammer and a chincel of metal; to question the reason behind it sustracción of the hues, I cannot explain the reason for the misma”, reported the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana.

At the request, the hardware that was supposedly implemented at the opening of the tubes was incautated. Photo: SSC-CDMX

The suspect had been accused of robberies previously

Tras ser apprehensido por elements de la Policía Auxiliar, el alleged delinquent it was transferred before the Public Ministry. Then it was discovered that he had previously been blamed for an injury.

“Between a cross of information, if you assume that the one now held holds a presentation before the Ministerio Público for the robbery crime in February 2024; as well as four presentations at the Juez Civic for distinct purposes to the Ley de Cultura Cívica de la Ciudad de México”, detailed the corporation.

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