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Cae “Atilio”, leader of the Gulf clan who sent up to 15 tons of cocaine to EU and Europe

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Jacob Rodríguez Úsugaalias “Atilio”, a high man of the Gulf clan This miracle was captured when he was surprised in the rural area of ​​the Antioquia department. ColombiaThe drug leader is being investigated for sending up to 15 tons of cocaine per month to be distributed there United States y in Europe.

René Salamanca, director of the Colombian police indicated that the arrest of the narco jefe was carried out by a group of special commands in the municipality of Caracolí“It was a professional and clean operation, with full attention to the right human rights,” the official said at the press conference.

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He held the head of the Gulf Clan when he was home!

In Colombia, a trapan on the drug trafficker Dairo Antonio Úsuga “Otoniel”, leader of the Gulf Clan

“Atilio” trades up to 15 tons per month. Photo: Archive

Hllan al hijo menor de edad de “Atilio” en peligrosos swamps

The head of the Colombian police force signaled that for the capture operation against “Atilio” you would have encountered inconveniences such as passing through dangerous swamps in the darkness, where they encountered walking at the lower end of their heads, to whom they would toast special protection and remain safe for them derechos, emphasized the political mandate.

The capture operation against Jacob Rodríguez Úsuga lasted for three months espionage labor And intelligence and that the jefe narco changed his movements between traveling in high-end trucks and ostentatious cargo vehicles.

“Atilio” is considered a priority objective for the authorities. Photo: X @petrogustavo

During the age of his imprisonment, “Atilio” and his men dressed in clothing that made them look like campesinos, which even strengthened them in carrying machetes on their belts. Tras the capture of the narco, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro reported the arrest of the criminal in his account of X (other Twitter):

“Through the intelligence operations of the national police, Jacobo Rodríguez Usuga, alias “Atilio”, an integral part of the Gulf clan and leader of its shipments of cocaine to the outside, was captured. It calculates the monthly export of more than 15 tons of cocaine that this man could achieve”.

Gustavo Petro confirmed the capture of “Atilio”. Photo: X @petrogustavo

The high command of the Gulf clan ended with 16 years of illicit drug trafficking that the Colombian brought to bear in the company of his first Dairo Antonio Úsugaaka “Otoniel“The first person was captured and extradited to the United States where he currently has a sentence of 45 years in prison.

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