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Cae asesino serial mataba vagabundos while sleeping streets

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A man, identified as Jerrid Joseph Powell – aged 33 years – was detained and reported as an alleged serial ass. From now on with the current authorities, you are related to the three asesino people in the street situation. Apparently, the attacker intercepted his victims when they slept and they left life to balazos.

The suspect was detained where he came after a man, who was stealing his belongings in the San Dimas area. The investigators of the case are tied to the subject with others three asesinatos who happened last week, according to information shared by the Los Angeles police officer, Michel Moore.

The suspect allegedly assinó to three people. Photo: special.

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Who were the victims of the serial crime?

The authorities explained that the victims of this crime asesino serial They are the most vulnerable people in the city, those who use the streets to sleep. The police reports tied him to at least three murders of people in the street situation; the three victims were asesinated at the same time they slept en callejones de Los Ángeles, California. The police officer, Michel Moore, ensured that the matter was being investigated prior to his arrest.

Moore found out that the first murder occurred on Sunday November 26th, just after 3:00 am; the second one occurred on the following day shortly before the 5th of the morning; and a third person was asked to be the miércoles rededor of the 2:30 hours. S victims They were two Hispanic men, aged 37 and 52, and a 62-year-old American man.

The victims were people without home. Photo: special.

What will happen with the alleged serial ass?

Now let’s unknow the reasons why the man attacked the people in the street situation. If you wait for it authors determine the reasons in the next few days.

Now, Powell is in prison accused of entering a house, stealing it and then leaving it victim; you hope that you will also encounter cargoes for the three murders of people on the street.

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