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Bottled water is nastier than thought, study reveals it contains hundreds of thousands of microplastics

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El embossed water this is often worse than what was thought about the number of small numbers of plastic which contains, following a new study published every month in a well-known scientific journal United States.

Using a recently invented technique, the scientific they counted an average of 240 million detectable fragments plastic per liter of water in popular brands. This is equivalent to between 10 and 100 times more than the previous estimates, which raises possible concerns about the health that most require studios.

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“Yes, people worry about nanoplastics in them embossed water“It is reasonable to consider alternatives like griffin water,” Beizhan Yan, associate professor of geochemical investigation at Columbia University and co-author of the article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, told AFP.

Suggest drinking bottled water only when necessary

The griffin water also contains microplastics, even at much lower levels. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

No matter what, he agreed: “Don’t forget the drink embossed water when necessary, the risk of dehydration can overcome the possible effects of exposure to nanoplastics“.

Worldwide attention on them microplastics has increased in recent years. These are taken from sources plastic larger and now they are located in all parts, from the polar sockets to the tops of the mountains, connecting to the drinking water and the foods.

What are microplastics and nanoplastics?

While they are microplastics they are all less than 5 millimetres, los nanoplastics They are defined as smaller particles than the thousandth part of a meter.

Nanoplastics are small particles that can pass through the digestive system and the lungs. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

They are so small that they can pass through the digestive system and the digestive system pulmones, enter directly into the blood stream and reach the organs, including the brain and the heart. It can also cross the placenta and attach to the fetus. S investigations above about impact on ecosystems and the greetings humans are limited, although some initial laboratory studies have related them to toxic effects, such as reproductive anomalies and gastric problems.

The team used a technique called stimulated Raman dispersion microscopy (SRS), recently invented by one of the co-authors of the article, which consists of probing the muscles with two tuned lasers to achieve resonance molecules specifications, revealing what they are to a computer algorithm.

Nanoplastics are defined as particles smaller than the thousandth part of a meter. PHOTO: Cuartoscuro

They analyzed three leading brands, but decided not to name them, “because we believe that everything embossed water contains nanoplastics, so reporting three popular brands could be considered unfair,” Yan said. The team hopes to analyze it water of the griffin, which also contains microplastics, although at much lower levels.

With information from AFP

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