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Both great spectacles and artificial fires will be available in Australia and New Zealand in 2024

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Auckland he was converted in the first great city to welcome 2024, with thousands of people applauding a spectacle of artificial light and fire from the tallest structure of New Zealand, the Sky Tower. A few hours ago, people started running to the elders so as not to miss any detail.

A fine rain that fell during the Sunday had stopped in the middle of the year, before the start of a regressive account in a digitally illuminated panel look for the top of the observation and communication tower 328 meters high. The party was immortalized by thousands of cell phones.

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Auckland was the first city to receive the new year. Credit: AP Photo

Australia will receive a new year with a great show in Sydney

Two hours later, on the next island of Australiathe bridge of the bay Sydney It will be the key point of the well-known spectacle of light and artificial fires in the middle of the world every year, according to the authorities.

In Sydney, more policies have been implemented that cannot guarantee safety while more than a million people – one of every five residents of the city – gather in the city maritime walk To enjoy the best views possible, I indicated the government in a press release. Muchos llevan acampango in the best places from Sunday morning.

Australia had a great pyrotechnic show. Credit: AP Photo

Some other countries that received the new year were SamoaIslas Chatham, New ZealandFiyi, Tonga and the South Pole, as well Japan y South Korea. They will follow other parts of Asia, Europe and finally the turn will take place in North America. The last ones to receive it will be Hawaii, Howland or Baker Islands, all territories of the United States.

Estados Unidos prepare su magno festajo en New York

En New YorkAuthors and organizers say they are prepared to receive multitudes of celebrations and ensure safety during the emblematic turning of the year celebration in Times Square. In a security conference, the mayor of the office New York City, Eric Adamsexplained the words that do not exist “specific amenities” at the end of the year party, which is expected to return to tens of thousands of people in the heart of Manhattan.

Australia and New Zealand will receive the new year before all other countries. Credit: AP Photo

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The event, full of celebrities, will count the live performances of the event Flo Rida, Megan Thee Stallion and LL Cool J, also with the appearance of Cardi B, among others. The organizers hope that the assistance will return to the levels prior to the COVID pandemic, although the peatonal transit around Times Square we continue to be less than before the health crisis.

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