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Boris Johnson accuses himself of “difficulty and suffering in the pandemic” during his administration

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Boris Johnsonformer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, admitted – before a jury – that the government “failed in some things” during the management of the pandemic for SARS-CoV-2. However, the former official left to manage him during the health emergency. In his sworn declaration, he defended the decisions of his administration and ensured that everything was done that could be done.

“Inevitably, in the process of attempting to manage a very, very difficult pandemic as we try to balance extreme damage at each extreme of the decision, we may have to make many mistakes,” said Johnson. He agreed that: “I feel the feelings of these victims and their families and deeply feel the pain, the loss and the suffering of these victims and their families.”

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Boris Johnson is involved in an investigation into his handling of the pandemic. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What does Boris Johnson say about handling the Covid-19 pandemic?

Cabe mencionar que Johnson I’m starting with two days of interrogations, this is part of an investigation into the handling of the pandemic there were decades of deaths in 2020. The former officer joined in 2021, sometime in a public investigation – led by Jubilee Lawyer Heather Hallett – who was solicited by the family members of the people who lost their families during the Covid pandemic -19.

The people of the United Kingdom have demonstrated their inconsistency with the decisions taken by the former prime minister, which is why the officials and members of their cabinet took part in celebrations in the officials of the prime minister, mocking all the restrictions that they had in place el Gobierno during the pandemic.

Decades of people have shown themselves inconsistent with the handling of the crisis. Photo: REUTERS.

How will family members respond to those affected by Covid-19?

Luego de que Johnson he was taken to the streets and was discussed for the sake of the people who died as a result of the pandemic, family members of the victims held up signs in which they read messages such as: “the dead cannot be blamed on you” and “who pile up the corpses” .

The investigation against the former prime minister will be divided into four sections. Currently, the phase is centered on the number of political decisions that were made during the pandemic for Covid-19.

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