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Blockade in Xochimilco: traders desquician the traffic in the central area of ​​the city

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Street vendors in Xochimilco block traffic on the avenue Extension Division of the North and the avenue Guadalupe y Ramírez on demand in the dejen place their romerías.

The group of approximately 100 mentioned vendors who have retired from the street for 10 days Morelos in the center of Xochimilco with the promise that they were allowed to stop settling down to offer their products, but it wasn’t like that.

Where is the Xochimilco blockade this December 14th?

What effects do you have on the block in Xochimilco?

Due to this blockage, the road is blocked by the mayors of the town. Also, traffic is affected along the Prolongación División del Norte Avenue both towards Xochimilco and the Periférico hacia.

Neither private vehicles nor public transport have been able to move forward, so some users have abandoned buses and microbuses to continue on their journey to their destinations.

The traders do not retreat from the area until they have a dialogue with the authorities so that they can explain the reasons for which they should trade in this point of the boiler. It was foreseen that in one minute, personnel of the demarcation or of the Government of the City. Mexico is eager to find a place to talk to the inconformists.

Traders require the intervention of the authorities. PHOTO: Javier Ruiz.

Alternative streets for the blockade in Xochimilco

For people who pass through this area, the best option is to avoid the area, regardless of whether they are looking for this point, the best is to look for other alternative avenues like the following ones.

  • Avenida Mexico.
  • Plan Sexenal.
  • Avenida 20 de Noviembre.
  • Andador Tabachines.
  • Calle De la Rosa.
  • Ahuejotes.
  • San Bernardino.
The road is completely blocked, drivers are looking for another form of transport. PHOTO: Javier Ruiz.

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