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“Bill Clinton likes young people” and other strong revelations from Jeffrey Epstein’s list

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A New York judge began to declassify these 3 miracles of the identities of persons registered in judicial documents to Jeffrey Epstein, The former financier committed suicide in 2019 in the hope of being convicted of sexual crimes. The initial set includes 40 previously unrevealed documents with 1,000 pages of testimonials and declarations, and it is hoped that the total batch of archives includes the names of prominent people.

Among the names will be a series of people linked to Epstein previously identified as “John” or “Jane Does” in a request made against the financier’s former lover, Ghislaine Maxwell. However, no complicity is alleged in Epstein’s crimes.

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The list of Jeffrey Epstein: Politicians, celebrities and scientists; Who are 200 people attached to the tycoon’s island?

Justice of New York desclassifies judicial documents associated with Jeffrey Epstein

To justify the disclosure of names – including personalities mentioned in the press -, the courts are based on the fact that some are easily identifiable in public documents in recent years.

Clinton appears at various reunions with Epstein and his victims
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Clinton, Trump and Hawking among the revelations of the documents

In the case of Donald Trump, The multi-millionaire former president of the United States appears to have been mentioned in documents as known to Epstein, but no criminal behavior is mentioned. The presence of the tycoon is mainly focused on the friendship that he supported with Jeffrey and saying that they would have a parade in one of the casinos of the United States in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

As for Bill Clinton, who was much more sought after by the financier and traveled with him in the decade of 2000, his name mentions documents of old times, but again without any clear indication of illegal activity. One of the victims of Epstien, identified as Johanna Sjoberg, Mention that I heard on some occasion decide what to “Clinton le gustan menores”.

The revelation forms part of a defamation process between Maxwell, sentenced in 2022 to 20 years of prison, and a defendant against his former counterpart, Virginia Giuffre. Among the most popular controversies involves the phallic Stephen Hawking, who allegedly participated in an orgy with men Epstein’s Island.

Last month, a book listed in a document 50 pages in 180 cases – low seudónimos – ordering that their identities should be published on the first black days. Some of these people have opted for the disclosure of their identities.

Origins of the Epstein case in EU

The abogados of an individual, “Doe 107”, wrote to the juez of the case arguing that they could avoid victimization in their country of origin and asked for time to explain the reasons for those who their name it must remain secret.

Clinton’s name appears more than 30 times
Photo: Twitter / @UHN_Plus

According to the British media, Giuffre’s claim to fame against Maxwell, 62 years old, returned in 2016 and was resolved the following year. But the Miami Herald learned about it legal actions to access the expedient and investigate Epstein’s crime.

Various documents in the case were made public in 2019, the days before Epstein landed in prison in prison for sexual trafficking charges. Maxwell and Epstein were apparently at the beginning of the years 90 before becoming professional collaborators and accomplices of sexual crimes during cases tres décadas.

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