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Bella de Paris, exotic luchador, was chased by other shooters in Guanajuato

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Free play in Mexico comes to a place where you will get to know the ass of the exotic luchador Bella de Pariswho was completed by two men at times when he found himself working within his aesthetics in the city of Leon, Guanajuatolast December 21st, recorded with information given in the diary “El Gráfico”:

Having learned with the first investigations, those who looked at the mentioned day before 6.00 pm when armed men entered the shop at that moment Bella de Paris If you meet with your customers, to follow closely luchador exotic. Also let another injured person come to the rescue.

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Who was Bella de París, famous exotic luchador?

The athlete’s real name was Pablo. PHOTO: Special

If the crime happened in the past games, when the whole country met, preparing for it Christmas celebrationsit wasn’t until this end of the week when the asesinato of the gladiator It went viral in social circles once different users heard the news that needed to be known in different local communication mediums.

The 38 year old athlete was well known in his community, where he had a aesthetics located in the streets Elena y Lucrecia, in the Peñitas colony, in the municipality of Leon. According to the versions cited in medium-sized venues, at the venue where the luchador worked he entered the armed men who had come to pass by clientes.

Once inside the building, they disappeared against it athlete who died instantly, while another person, who supposedly was a customer, turned out to be wrong. Those responsible for the crimen they fled and until then they were not located.

Aficionados of lucha libre demand justice for the ultimate gladiador

In social circles they lamented the asesino of the gladiador and demanded justice. PHOTO: Facebook

Once the news of the gladiador’s asesinato was known in the local media, it went viral in the social circles, from where the athlete’s followers, among luchadoresReferees and aficionados joined forces to exact justice from the erring luchador, once upon a time they called the authorities to deal with those responsible for Pablo’s crime, the real name of Bella de Paris.

Acuerdo with some versions testigos, in a corner of the area where the beauty was located, the luchador received the least odd shots. Visit the website to download the elements of the website policy municipal, people notified that the luchador did not meet with the video, so that they would alert the General Tax of the State (FGE) de Guanajuatodepending on whether you are carrying out the corresponding investigations.

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