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Because Carlos Slim wants to work for 48 hours

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The reform proposal has as its objective to reduce the working day from 48 to 40 hours llegó a los oídos de Carlos Slim, the oldest man from Mexico, who broke the silence and shared his posture on the topic during his walk through the state of Quintana Roo, in the south of the Republic.

The 83 year old magnate attended the inauguration of the International Airport Tulum “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”, where he also assisted the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Aside from the new installations, Slim Helú had a meeting with the grip that I didn’t miss the opportunity to discuss it.

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The Mexican businessman, at the request of a journalist, only explained that a reducción on the working day if translated to fewer inputs for workers and workers, and therefore much less power to acquire. One of the most influential men in the country said that the reform is not optimal.

What were the words of the Mexican businessman

“I think it’s better for people to work 48 hours and work more than people who work 40 and work less. This is very important for the population, having a mayor input to have a mayor acquisition power and this is what has been achieved, given the figures of the president”, I say Slim Helú

“What is better, to enjoy much more and to live better or to work less and enjoy less? I think it’s better to work harder and enjoy more,” she agreed as she entered the communication medium.

The contractor went to Tulum to inaugurate the airport
Photo: Cuartoscuro

The life president of Grupo Carso also refused to speak about the president López Obrador, without embargo, he ensured that he expected economic stability for the country in 2024 and estimates a great development for the next 10 years. For his part, during the ceremony, the head of the Executive welcomed the presence of the tycoon and the leaders who helped to increase the minimum wage.

This is Silm’s proposal regarding work

There is nothing new to tell Carlos Slim about his work day, including in previous interviews to get to know his vision of the topic. He suggests reducing working days in exchange for one larger jornada and a retreat from jubilation, which provoked a public debate.

During a Fundación Telmex event in 2022, he discussed the idea and insisted that reducing the daily schedule to 3 days would allow the people to keep their work included and thus improve their income. Slim’s project will be accompanied by an expansion of working hours and years.

Slim is the richest man in Mexico and the life president of Grupo Carso
Photo: AFP

In general, what the Mexican tycoon proposes is the following: that Mexicans work three days, with two once hours, it is said between 30 and 33 hours a week, but that they are jubilee until 75 years old. What are your opinions on this proposal?

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