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Balacera in the shopping area center Bruselas deja four heridos

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Four people have resulted heridasone of the pregnant women, during a shoot for an adjustment of the numbers recorded on the night of this miracle in the center of Brussels, then came to know the police officers at the Europa Press agency, who point out that at the moment no one was suspicious detained.

La Fiscalía de Bruselas He sent out a statement later informing us of the first conclusions of the event investigation they point to the fact that those who could have been produced by an adjustment of matters related to drugs, with which “for the moment the terrorist movement was abandoned”.

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Why did the shooting happen on Calles de Bruselas?

The dance hall is located in the Toisson d’Or district, in the center of the Belgian capital. PHOTO: Pixabay

There Policia local was alerted around 7.30pm late in the day for a shooting in the Toisson d’Or neighborhood, in the center of the Belgian capital, from where they have deployed various ambulances and waited for the healers. The life of one of the people killed by the gunshots runs dangerous, the police spokesperson informed.

“We received a report of a dark night on the Avenida de Toison d’Or at 7.30pm,” said spokesperson Ilse Van de Keere in Belga.

After that, the agents established a security perimeter in the area, but “the author or the authors of the tirateo You don’t meet there when you get there policy“, explained Van de Keere.

Who informed the Belgian police about the balacera?

For the moment the police have discarded the terrorist movement. PHOTO: Special

The police officers have agreed the area until they meet in the area of ​​the alleged or alleged persons authors of success, indicated the spokesperson of the local police Bruselas. At least two metro stations are closed.

Previously, the Policia federal, which habitually employs the expedientes of terrorismhad been asked to make comments that had been consulted by Europe Pres, and had been referred to the information facilitated by the local police.

With information from Europa Press

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