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Balacera in Iztacalco: what is the state of health of the little girl and her abuelita inherited by the lost balas

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A balacera in a romeria de la Oriental Agricultural Colony, in Iztacalco, there were a balance of 2 wrongful people and at least 10 detained allegedly dedicated to the extortion of traders, subsequently confirmed by the end of this Tuesday 2nd of June the title of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC), Pablo Vázquez Camacho.

The official revealed that at 3.30 pm, elements of the corporation carried out investigation tasks when they were caught by impacts of a firearm, resulting in an approximate balance 7 people inheritedbetween which less than 1 year and 4 months were injured in the thorax and on abuelita who received an impact to the height of the pelvis.

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Balacera in Iztacalco: Reporting of the delinquent deaths and various civil rights

“Deriving from the previous one, 10 men were detained, 5 firearms were secured, 2 of the attackers lost their lives and 7 civilians were injured”, read in the publication distributed by the official.

What is the state of health of the elder and his abuelita

The little girl was identified as Angela Sharenywho was transferred to the Hospital Pediátrico de Tacubaya where it will be expected by specialists. Until the moment your health condition is delicate, you hope that in the next few hours a more detailed diagnosis will be revealed.

On the other hand, the younger abuelita was injured in the pelvis and an arm due to the lost balas of the Tiroteo, she was hospitalized in the Clinic of San José, whence it was confirmed that it was a pilgrim. For part of her, the rest of her was first transferred to the Hospital de Moctezuma, where she was stabilized.

Due to the fact that you do not have the specialists necessary for the emergency, you decide to move it to Tacubaya, where it will be attended to by specialists. The mother of the younger girl, who held her in her arms was not her husband, was the one who accompanied her baby at all times on their journeys.

Mexican army looks at the balacera area in Iztacalco

In the area of ​​Sur 16 and Rojo Gómez have arrived elements of the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) to carry out deeds of concern before any response from a criminal group. Until then the area is tuned while you realize it investigative correspondents.

Traders from Iztacalco, they talked with Foro TV, they hope that the authorities will no longer be able to take advantage of their shops, because these activities are on the only economical entrance, at the same time as the Day of Reyes It is considered strong by gaming retailers.

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