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Baba Vanga asesinato Putinviajes tiempo vidente aterra predictions 2024

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Baba Vangathe sighted that in life there is a series of predictions which will affect the world until the year 5079 when the planet is supposedly destroyed, sent out other visions for this 2024 which is one month away, which is to be seen with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putinas with them viajes It is in the time.

One of the predictions that the oracle births in Bulgaria atinó, which was worth the recognition at the world level, was the ataque to the Torres Gemelas in the city of New YorkHowever, years before 1979, Vanga anticipated the disintegration of the Soviet Unionwhich happened 12 years after December 26, 1991.

The Bulgarian python continues to say what it says with its predictions for 2024. PHOTO: Special

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What are Baba Vanga’s land predictions for 2024?

The recent prediction I heard Baba Vanga and it was there war en Ukraineas well as the beginning of the military conflict in Islamist countries with the conflict in the Franja de Gaza; However, for the following year, the Python spoke about the former KGB agent and Russian representative who in this 2023 was rumored to have died in an attack on the heart.

Above Putin, Baba Vanga It was signaled that in 2024 the moral leader of the Kremlin will finally lose his life to the asesinated state, a situation that is not clear before the invasion that holds Russia In Ukraine this could be the determining factor in matching the prophecy of the Bulgarian fallacy in 1996.

Putin entered into Baba Vanga’s prophecies. Photo: Archive

Asimism, 2024 is the year when the old continent is victim of terrorism with constant attacks, you will have to present a serious one crisis economic in the region that will affect the whole world, along with it, there will be an increase in restrictions which will stop the use of biological weapons, the viewer indicated.

But not all are bad news in the predictions Baba VangaI also predict that you will find the time to find the cure to combat Alzheimer’s disease. On the other hand, he stated that by 2076 communism will regress and become the dominant economic model.

Ademas, Baba VangGod answers the question that has passed through the minds of people in generations over when they can travel in time, which will happen in the year 2304.

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