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Auxiliary nursing students on the spot who left in the Basilica

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Not only thousands of people have arrived there Basilica of Guadalupe to join in the celebration there Virgen de Guadalupewith the traditional hands at 12:00 pm on December 12th: also thousands of thousands of people have arrived at the site.

One of them, possibly affected by the quality of people or by not having sufficient comfort, if desvanecio to the interior of the important Marian temple, one of the most visited in the world.

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At the end of the day, nurse students detached at the site helped them to lomitoreviewing your vital signs and making a quick diagnosis of your health status, to know the process that should be followed.

Minutes after receiving medical attention, the figure was incorporated into the body again state of health. Although he did not have the calm or identification that would allow him to be reunited with his two, he was given a high priority by the youngsters who attended primary emergencies on the site.

Alert to abandon pears in the Basilica

Some of the fieles companions of the pilgrims who visit there Basilica of Guadalupe They find themselves among the thousands of people who come to the temple year after year, because of the numerous animal rescue associations that don’t come with them.

Only in the past year, the excess of more than 200 myths was reported, the customary questions that arise in the mediations of the Marian temple must be recovered by its two or by the associations or the Animal Surveillance Brigade.

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