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Autopista Mexico Querétaro lines up to 53 kilometers by vehicular accident

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A dark accident there México-Querétaro road This caused more rows to disappear 53 kilometers. Yes, as I read it. And that’s it volcadura of one gas pipe it caused a total chaos on the street for more than 15 hours in the area which generated a wave of desperation among people traveling along the route.

Although the accident was reported late on November 15th and Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe) together with elements of the National Guard (GN) atendieron el hecho, la vehicular charge persisted for a large part of the area. It was then that I reached the point where at four hours of the volcano, the line was 50 kilometers wide. Including, the accident will continue with consequences until the day of this November 16th.

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The complaints of the people 53 kilometers ahead of the queue

Following the accident, several red users demonstrated their inconformity. Credits: X/@DRC_Vialidad

Due to the large rows that caused the accident of the pipe en la México-Querétaro road, different users of social networks identified their queries before the authorities. The situation was no exception due to the fact that hundreds of people queried in the direction of Querétaro.

With comments such as “follow us detenidos”, “close again”, “new hours to take” or “we took hours and nothing goes forward”. traffic“, the Internet users expressed their discontent with the form that the accident of the pipe was expected. Therefore, until the end of these games they continue to understand that the circulation It’s slow.

How did the pipe accident happen?

The accident was reported on kilometer 160 of the Mexico-Querétaro highway. Credits: X/CAPUFE.

What happened was late on the 15th of November, on kilometer 160 of the Mexico-Querétaro autopista, the driver of a pipe de gas LP he lost control of his unit and ran away. I said an event occurred at the height of the San Juan del Río bus station when, after seeing a video that was circulating in social circles, the unit began to change carriages and zigzag until it was finished printing against the metal defenses.

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