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Authorities recorded earthquakes in southern Chiapas on December 17th

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Through a press release in the social networks, the authorities informed that an earthquake had occurred magnitude 4.6 with an epicenter located on the south coast of Pijijiapan, in the areastadium of Chiapas; the telephone movement started at 18:15:08 late.

Until now, local authorities have not been able to find the relevant information. A través de Civil Protection the entity was not informed of any intervention by them emergency servicesEven though there was no harm in construction, they didn’t even get to know people like that.

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An earthquake was recorded in Guerrero on December 17th

Other earthquakes in Chiapas today, December 17th

This is not the first telephone movement recorded this weekend Chiapas; throughout the day they have come to know various registers. The latest was at 6.15pm south of Mapastepecand with a magnitude of 4.6, I agree with the authorities.

If I recorded it more than 08:49 in the morning, it was recorded with the seismic signal. There was a movement of magnitude 4.2 on the east side Cintalapa. Until now, no material damage or injuries, human losses or emergency service intervention have been reported.

Chiapas has vivid earthquakes off the coast of Domingo. Credit: Imagen de Freepik.

Guerrero and Michoacán were also surprised by the earthquakes this Sunday

Acknowledgment with the information provided in a communication by the Seismology of the UNAM, states such as Oaxaca, Colima, Veracruz, Jalisco and Guerrero they were also surprised by the telephone movements from the morning of this Sunday, and until the night.

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What happened last night in Chiapas was the greatest intensity of all. Earthquakes of magnitude 4.1 were also recorded at this time San Marcos, en the state of Guerrero at 1.37 pm; as well as one of 4.2 at 08:49 am Cintalapa, Chiapasand finally I registered it Coalcoman, Michoacan with intensity of 4.0 at 09:03 hours of the day.

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