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Ataque armoire in Morelia has been 3 dead in a car window tianguis

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As a result of an armed attack perpetrated inside a vehicle-buying-type establishment in the city of Morelia, three people lost their lives, in Michoacán.

At the end of this game, all the vehicles entered in a lot of cars located in the colony S Tijeraswhere shots were fired against the people who had previously met.

Acudieron authorities to investigate the hechos Photo: Special

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In the attack, a man died and several were seriously injured, because of which they were transferred to a private clinic in the colony Isaac Arriaga.

While receiving medical attention, the two victims also lost their lives; both were identified as Josué “N”, aged 18 and Ricardo “N”, aged 33.

Initially, the attack perpetrated on the two foul men during his internship was identified as Josué and Ricardo

During the attack, apparently one of the attackers attempted to repel the shots, and injured one of the attackers, who was with his accomplices on board a vehicle. La Fiscalía General del Estado (FGE) ya investigates los hechos.


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