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Atacan 3 periodistas Guerrero cuando regresaban cobertura homicide

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Three journalists found that they were attacked by Balazos during this day on November 28th en Chilpancingo, Guerrero. The communicators were transferred by the National Guard to a hospital in the region, where they were reported to be stable. Preliminary information establishes that the injuries that have suffered do not put me back on life.

According to official reports, journalists have given cover to the job of a transporter, employed in the colony of Las Palmas, in this capital. The information states that the armed attack occurred when the journalists traveled aboard a particular vehicle on the street Vicente Guerrero, looking for the 35 Military Zone.

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Three days after that, the three journalists seized in Guerrero were set free.

Journalist and his family were seized in Taxco, Fiscalía de Guerrero issued tax documents

The place where the children were placed was tuned by the elements of it Guardia Nacional, del Ejército y de la Policía del Estado. Journalists from the capital asked the communication channels to take into account the identity of their attacked comrades, to avoid placing them in a more vulnerable situation.

Communication from the department where it will investigate the case of 5 missing people, among 3 journalists
Photo: FGE

Transfer of periodicals in Taxco

This happened a few days ago when three Taxco journalists were deprived of their freedom in those distinguished years, who were freed at the end of the past week. However, fortunately last week we were informed about the release of the two reported persons as deprived of freedom.

Silvia Arce and Alberto Sánchez, administrators of the Red Siete portal, They were released on Saturday 25 November, in the media of the municipality of Taxco de Alarcón. They were intercepted in his workshops three days after Marco’s kidnapping and his family. Article 19 God must know that the authorities have hired them in separate security houses.

The son of Marco Antonio Toledo continues to disappear
Photo: FGE

They also lost the freedom of Guadalupe Denova, married to the journalist Marco Antonio Toledo, also redeemed. She is a worker in the health sector, just like her 28 year old son, who regretfully still didn’t know anything about it. A second civil was liberated, if treated of Elvira Serrano, no one was held to be deprived of her freedom.

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