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At the Mexico-EU meeting the importance of addressing the crossroads was highlighted: Alicia Bárcena

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The meeting between the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and the officials of United States it was “excellent”, as I said at the end of the same song Alicia Bárcenawho pointed out that bilateral critical issues such as migration, the economy and labor were addressed.

“There reunion it was excellent, a meeting where we reaffirm friendship, compromise, joint work”, signaled the diplomacy in a short declaration with the communication channels at the doors of the National Palace. Bárcena explained that, in the cases three hours of conversation, the topic of migration but also the economic relationship between both countries and “the importance of resolving the crossroads facing us”. “It’s a priority for us,” she said.

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Furthermore, I emphasized that the delegation was common, entrusted to the State Secretary, Antony BlinkenI don’t have any specific requests regarding the strengthening migratory medicines to control the flow of undocumented people who have increased record numbers in the last year.

In this sense, I remember the interest of following the work of the joint workers and those who will have a joint work team with authorities of United States, Guatemala and other countries in South America and Central America to address this problem, all of whom will reunite at the next European finals. “Let’s go and have reunions periodicals”, subrayó.

There canceller Mexican raised the importance of whether state officials accepted the invitation that they were asked by the Mexican representative to say that they would respond in a timely manner, as we know, very well and, without embargo, they would meet the state secretary with all his team and creo that we had a very good, very important meeting”.

What are the details of the bilateral meeting?

Finally, Bárcena signaled that they sharpened These miracles will be revealed to those who have received them in a joint press release which will be published later. The visit occurred during this December and historical figures of people who wanted to enter were recorded United States on the border with Mexico, where the Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza estadoundense (CBP, in English) confirmed on Tuesday the arrival of more than 2.2 million black migrants in November.

Likewise, it happens during the advance of a caravan migrant who left in Nochebuena with 10 million people, the largest of the year.

Would you like to attend the meeting in the National Palace?

En la reunion the secretary of the National Defense, Luis Crescencio Sandoval, also participated; el de Marina, Rafael Ojeda Durán; la de Seguridad, Rosa Icela Rodríguez; the Government, Luisa María Alcalde, and the Mexican ambassador in United StatesEsteban Moctezuma.

For the current delegation there was the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas; the Presidential Advisor of National Security, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall; and the embajador estadoundense en Mexico, Ken Salazarbetween others.

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