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At the meetings of the CDMX Congress, economic package 2024 will open

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S Comisiones Unidas de Presupuesto y Cuenta Pública of the Congress of the City of Mexico approved the economic package 2024, which includes the income law initiative, income and Fiscal Code.

In the document of assumption of egresos, it is proposed to add a transitional article tenth quarter, with which guarantees that at the end of the II Legislature, on 31 August 2024, the legislators and workers in general will receive the payment of all their services as they are: liquidation, aguinaldo proportional, between others.

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This modification was at the request of the deputy from the start, Victor Hugo Lobo and it was seconded, as well as the rest of its counterparts.

Décimo Cuarto Transitorio. so, considering the end of the II Legislature of Congress of the Cityand the commitments that he makes for his workers, at the end of the first quarter of the year, will be carried out the evaluation of the advance in the intake of income and estimates in accordance with the economic indicators of the City and they will take care of all the presupposed recursos for such purposes”, he pointed out.

Similarity, it is established that the gasto neto estimated for the City of Mexico it will rise to 267 million 965 million 350 million 437 pesos.

The expected assignments for them Dependencies and Organs Deconcentrated will amount to 86 million 939 million 229 million 114 pesos; the awards for the Auxiliary, Banking and Industrial Policies, as well as for the Authority of the Historical Center will tend to reach 20 million 101 million 413 million 294 pesos; and the boilers will total 49 million 252 million 040 million 524 pesos.

Meanwhile, the entities total 72 million 935 million 281 million 952 pesos; los Government Organs the sum of 9 million 162 million 870 million 100 pesos and for the Autonomous Organizations the sum of 13 million 964 million 943 million 894 pesos.

This egresos project was voted for by him PAN y Citizen Movement en contra.

En tanto, el Fiscal Code contemplate the creation of new impuestos or increase in your existing ones. The payment of the rights that correspond to the authorizations, licenses and permits in the field of external publicity is guaranteed, both Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda culminates with the reorganization process.

Please note that you will not pay the above tax Nominas respect for the remuneration of people who work at the hotel.

According to the Income Law, income of 267 million 965.4 million pesos is expected, equivalent to 7.9 per cent more than the percibido in the current year.

Of this total 45.7 percent correspond to domestic inputs, 51.6 percent from federal origin inputs and 0.9 percent for internal damage. Refrain from expecting a recovery of 111 million 589 million pesos from local inputs alone, which means a sum greater than 15 million 166.3 million pesos to the establishment in the ejercicio 2023.

These words will be fully answered analysis y dictaminationwhat we hope for is in the morning of this December 15th.


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