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At one hour in Nochebuena, a trabajadora dies atropelled in front of the Mercado de Mixcalco

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This morning, Saturday 23 December, there was an intense political and emergency movement in the media of the Mixcalco Market of the city of Mexico, where a woman was hit by a public transport truck when she attempted to cross it Look 1 and Circunvalación directed by Fray Servando.

The first reports point out that the victim lasted between 50 and 55 years of age, as well as the fact that she dedicated herself to trading in the area, and that her family members were there to get to the perimeter that was cordoned off by elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC).

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“La Pelirroja”, accused of kidnapping and extortion and victim of drug trafficking for “breaking the codes”

Fiscalía de la CDMX will investigate the death of a female mayor in the explosion in the Del Valle colony

In the images that circulate in the social media, thanks to the coverage of red-haired reporters, it is observed that the body of the woman who was straining above the carriage behind her at high speed. One of the wheels of the vehicle passed by on top of her, interrupting her life in Hopes of Christmas.

Trabajadora dies in the Mixcalco Market at one hour of Nochebuena

A Mexican family will have a painful night and night that confirms the failure of a woman in the mediations of the Mercado Mixcalco in the Centro colony, pertaining to the Cuauhtémoc demarcation with limits hacia the Venustiano Carranza alcaldía.

Once the elements of the SSC arrived in the area, those who only agreed to the area and alerted the emergency personnel, who would notify the death of the working woman of the inmueble capitalino. The body was covered with a white cloth until it was joined by its family members.

It is hoped that in the next few hours you will reach the personal perimeter of the General Tax of Justice of the City of Mexico (FGJ) to carry out the corresponding investigations and have the body elevated to move it to the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO).

You are not detained by the death of the worker

At this moment there are no reports on people detained by the death of the worker who attempted to cross the Eje 1 and Circunvalación. It is hoped that the same capital authorities will be passed on to the driver by a Public Minister (MP) to avoid responsibility and carry out the necessary investigations.

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