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assault with violence Edomex golpean hombre third edad tlalnepantla dejan sin nada

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Surveillance cameras captured the moment of a assault who had a look in the streets of the municipality of Tlalnepantla, in the Mexican state. Acknowledgment with a citizen complaint, those who happened on Tuesday 14th November, when the victim was intercepted by two people who, with violence, dispossessed of her belongings to a man.

Images disseminated in social networks show the moment in which they are presumed asaltantes they surprise a man with his shoulder as he walks to a banqueta. Before the violent moments, a woman from the third generation who met tries to meet her, runs up the street and crosses the street until she disappears from the scene.

Two people attacked a man on the streets of Tlalnepantla. Photo: Special

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Rateros sometieron to his victim in the soil

Next, the men someten to his victim, who will have to pull it to the ground by the cuello. Anyhow man can resist, the hamstrings began to strike him to quiet his belongings. At this moment another suit appears, which seems to warn the thieves of something, which immediately puts them on alert.

One of them happens that, taking a look, he goes up while running up accomplice he remains in the place for a few moments, while he listens for the prey of his victim; Then, with complete calm, the thief goes walking until he disappears from the corner of the room, while he assaulted man lies in the ground without moving.

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