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Así planearon sicarias ejecucion subdirector policía Zapopan carlos Manuel Flores Amezcua

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El subdirector de la policy de ZapopanJalisco, Carlos Manuel Flores Amezcuafue asesinado by command while I was inside a cafe last Monday November 13th. El homicide of the police force was planned by a group of hitmen conformed to a par de women who attended to the establishment and stopped by customers there.

Inside the cafeteria located above the cross of Avenidas Patria and Beethoven in it fraccionamiento The EstanciaSome of the gunslingers are waiting in Flores Amezcua to get to the top of the plan to secure it. The police subdirector was supervised to establish the place where he was finalized balazos.

The hitmen were sent to the crowd. Photo: Captura de pantalla

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How did the hitmen kill Carlos Flores Amezcua?

Since the 1980s, Jalisco has been established as one of the main bastions of organized crime with the creation of the organization of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardoconsidered the first drug cartel in Mexico, also classified by the United States Anti-drug Agency (GODDESSby its abbreviations in English).

At least in the last few decades, one of the organized crime groups based in Jalisco accomplished with the organization now in the hands of “Los Chapitos” y de Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, to be the main drug traffickers. Through their executions they have maintained their pace to maintain their purpose, so the hitmen who were sent to the scene have a high probability of participating in the organized crime.

In the footage from which the moment of Flores Amezcua’s murder was captured, it is observed when the subdirector of the Zapopan police force walked in his uniform and dressed in trousers with a gorra, while in the two months outside the shop they were heard a match of equals.

Each pair of a man or a woman pretends to be clientes of the place while baby dishes full of coffee. Everyone seemed to be walking with normality, but as soon as he was aware of the police squad, when he arrived at the cafeteria he looked right at one of the people who were on his quiet side.

Were the asesino hitmen of Carlos Flores detained?

To tell the truth, Carlos Flores Amezcua was about to enter the cafeteria when he opened the door, the two women abrieron sus bags of hand to quickly search for an object, which is done with firearms. One of the hitmen who was dressed in white trousers and a sky blue blouse was the first to desenfund her gun to aim at the police.

The woman was the first to shoot Flores Amezcua and the boy as he rose from his seat, the same movement that the two armed men and the other gunwoman who kept looking for him the most. Having been defeated by Balazos, the hitwoman dressed in white ran to the street together with the other two hitmen.

The second woman dressed in dark clothes went to the café shop and at that moment the video ended, requiring the public security authorities to receive the attack which lasted less than 15 seconds. A few meters from the scene of the crime, the assassins were subjected to a cart which they expected to be abandoned in the Chapalita colony. Los sicarios siguen refugees.

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