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Asesinan to the Mexican environmentalist and activist Higinio Trinidad de la Cruz in Jalisco

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Higinio Trinidad de la Cruz disappeared on November 25, 2023 in the morning; of knowledge with different testimonies of social issues, el activist Mexican partió rumbo to the municipal presidency Cuautitlanbut from then on you were not aware of your parader, and communication was lost.

Higinio Trinidad was once a citizen in the municipality, but never left

The man was seen as a leader and voice of the indigenous community of Ayotitlánalso being one of the most important promoters of the community to actively involve itself with sustainable development projects, and denounced the despojo of the earth, the mining y la illegal tala. He was also a member of the Consejo Estatal Indígena en Jalisco.

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I denounced land despoil, mining and illegal mining. Credit: Twitter

Lamentably, Higinio It was done since life on Saturday at about 1:36 am late. His body was in a mountainous area between the states Colima y de Jaliscoto the south of the Sierra Madre Occidentalread with local media reports.

A few hours after his disappearance, Higinio was left alive

In respect, the members of the community located in the municipality of Cuautitlan de García Barragán in Jalisco, they can receive immediate protection from federal authorities. También pidieron al gobierno de México ya la General Tax of the Republic that immediately ensures security, can find themselves targeted by organized crime.

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Through a shared communication in the social circles, the members of the community demanded, además, the “investigation, sanction y repair comprehensive for all victims of this and all violent crimes committed against the indigenous community of Ayotitlán“.

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