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Asesinan a mayor adult for a discussion in a bar in Benito Juárez: VIDEO

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In the hot tub Benito Juárez a coexistence within a Cafe ended in tragedy for a adult mayor At 77 years old he died and discussed with a group of people who were heard looking for the place where the victim was, the attack which was documented by one of the video surveillance cameras of the building.

In the images it is observed when in one of the tables the little donkey enters together with a man and two women, one of them seems to have started with the crowd when rising from his background on various occasions, but she was calmed by one of the men who he was wearing a pink sweatshirt.

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The little ass broke and disappeared to the victim who was injured on the ground. Photo: X c4jimenez

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To reassure the woman, the two men rose from their table with taburete and went to the table on the side where the victim was in the company of four other people, including the two women. The attackers were joined by a person who asked to be touched by a pilar and attacked discuss.

First of all, one of the two senior adults who were on the table, took the jar with the drink he was consuming and placed it next to the two men, who returned with their companions who had to deal with the jars and other utensils that they kept on the table mesa hacia los cinco comensales.

The man wearing the pink sweatshirt returned to the table to find an object in a bag that turned out to be a pistol. When he ends up with her, he immediately points to the person who brings her the bottle of drink and disappeared en su contra.

The gunman escaped and remained a refugee

In the footage shared by the journalist Carlos Jiménez, it should be noted that at least three occasions the attacker disappeared on the weapon against the person of the third party, whoever receives one of the explosions, goes to the ground. At this moment, the gunslinger covered his head with the hood of his sweatshirt.

The assailant’s companion was with the marquis of the bar, but not before the gunman decided to give his victim another pass when he was killed in the dirt. One of the women who had the objects also had the time to give a damn to the man who lost his life there.

The man who was asked was identified as Cipriano Morales I listened to you at the Emporio bar located one meter away from the Calzada de Tlalpan inside the Portales colony. The people who asked the man were not captured.

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