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Asesinan a famous state boxer full day of action of grace

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Samuel Teaha recognized 36 year old boxer, died during the Celebration of the Day of Gratitude, a day that should be celebrated in the family for every day of the country, but which ended in tragedy for the envelopes on the stage of the crimen of the deportist.

Asesinan to boxer Samuel Teah to sangre fría

Acquired with specialized local media at the stage boxing international, everything happened on each occasion, with his family, so the party was converted into a domestic holiday that ended with amenazas and others disappeared with frialdad to the high performance athlete, ending with his career, his life, and his family.

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You have filled the planes to fly to the skies and compete against the best. Credit: Facebook official

Hasta el momento, las authors They didn’t give any details about what happened last night. On his trainer, Rashiem Jeffersonhe is the only one who has published anything there social redesand I would like to thank my friend, I say that my heart was completely destroyed.

God’s time is the best moment. No wonder why but God had another place for you and he is the only one who relieves the pain. You will now look after me and help me direct my journey. Thank you for being brilliant while you are here

Teah’s life involved great tragedies. Credit: Facebook official

Teah’s life was great tragedias. From the little one you have to abandon it Liberia, in hometown, due to the civil war. He went to Ghanabut finally moved to Los United States. I lived most of her life in this country Philadelphiawhence I regretfully depart die up family during a fire. On his brother, on his mother, on his mother, two sisters and a son of 18 months failed.

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His record was 19 points with 8 KOs, 50%; including 5 shots, two of them televised and by KO, including one battle. Teah participated in the super light weight. Indeed, he became the junior champion of the CMB, defeating O’Shaquie Foster.

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