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Ascienden at 14 the deaths by enfrentamiento in Texas

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Tormented people, 11 of them tied to an organized crime cell, lost their lives through the arrest that occurred in the late hours in the community of Texcapillamunicipality of Texcaltitlanon the south side of the Mexican state.

I learned with the first information about it Security Secretariat mexican, the three remaining people were old people from the locality, where members of the organized crime ran off the ground to the farmers.

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HARMFUL IMAGES: This is how the attack in Texaltitlán took place after 11 deaths

Enfrentamiento among farmers from Texcapilla with armed group after 11 deaths in Edomex

VIDEO: soldier fights against 4 thieves who rob him all day

“Additionally, it is necessary to know four people injured by the project weapon of fire and of the most missing ones”, details the dependencia estatal via a press release.

The annexe clarified that it deals with preliminary data, as well as experts of the company General Tax of Justice of the Mexican State they are working on the collection of data to understand the circumstances that triggered the attack.

So was the brawl in Texas

These events occurred late on December 8th, when newspapers, retailers and producers from the region were cited by alleged members of the region. Family Michoacana on a futbol field, for the bottom floor payment.

Acknowledgment with testimonies reported on the site by representatives of local media, the criminals they require the payment of one peso per square meter of parcel to the quienes producers, due to distinct circumstances, they cannot collect the sums to pay them.

Before the intransigence of the offenders, some of the producers desenfundaron machetes y weapons of fire, with whom they surprised the alleged extortionists, enjoying the life of 11 of them. Lamentably, in the brawl, three citizens also died.

There violence They were disappointed and the farmers quemared some of the bodies of the members of the criminal group, as well as their vehicles. These actions were captured in videos that were viral in social networks.

The producers of the region were confronted by members of the organized crime. Photo: Cuartoscuro

A suspect identified with the alias of “Payaso”, presumed leader of the organized crime cell that arose in the region, was one of those killed in the enforcement, according to the first details revealed by the authorities.

Llegan federal forces in Texcaltitlán

Tens of elements of the Secretary of National Defensethe National Guard y la Policía Estatal They were posted in the location, located in the southern part of the Mexican state, to guarantee the safety of their inhabitants.

This region, bordering the states of Guerrero y Michoacanhe is amused by my members La Familia Michoacanathese people presumably cobran derecho de floor to the producers of the area.

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