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As he was, he was betrayed by Thalía Cornejo, former beauty queen of Salvatierra

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With a religious ceremony it is how they sent away Thalia Cornejoa young girl who was queen of beauty of La Calendaria and who sadly became one of the victims of the ataque wardrobe I recorded the story of December 17th in Salvatierra, Guanajuato.

The event to send the youth was brought to the cabo el Temple of Carmen of the municipality of Salvatierra and follow the diary Milenio, during the meeting the priest of the place ensured that all the inhabitants were supported by the misfortune. Similarity is emphasized in that people follow wondering what is happening on the site.

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Please note that after completing the religious task, the body of Thalia Cornejo —a young girl who was well known to the inhabitants of Salvatierra not only for your beauty, but for your good heart—it will remain in it pantheon of the same location.

Where was Thalía Cornejo, young asesinada in Salvatierra?

In the year 2017, Thalía was crowned queen of beauty of the Calendar Fiesta. Credits: X/@AlexSanchezMx.

Thalia Cornejo she was a young girl of 25 years of age who was very eager for the community Salvatierra, Guanajuato. One of the main causes of the recognition that he received is that in the year 2017 was crowned queen of beauty de the Fiesta de la Candelaria in this municipality.

Until the moment you know that the young people have the ability to live in the state of Querétaro to study Psychology. No obsbtante, just in these days she turned to Guanajuato to be with your loved ones and it was when I listened to the place made in the exhacienda de San José del Carmen.

Thalía helped the victims of the 2017 earthquake

Acknowledged with periodic reports that have surgised after the regrettable attack of the armed, Thalia I approved the recognition I received in it 2017 to be queen of beauty to help them damnificados de los earthquake occurred in September of this year.

In this sense, the young woman organized a lot for her family members and friends to remove the victims and share their lives for the benefit of the people who were affected especially by the earthquake of 19 September which had a magnitude of 7.1 and in which about 400 people were lost la vida.

The death toll figure is currently at 11

The number of failed people in Salvatierra has been updated to 11. Credit: Cuartoscuro.

The latest update should be known by you General Tax of Justice of the State of Guanajuato arrojó que el ataque wardrobe in the municipality of Salvatierra there were 11 people deprived of life – not 12 as mentioned – as well as 14 injured. The institution stated that as of now, more than 35 interviews have been conducted in order to clarify the facts.

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