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As from the film: Sujeto secuestrado en Edomex huye de sus captores y arresta 4

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Authorizations of State of Mexico let them know in their social circles that Four of the above items were held en Cuautitlán Izcalli por su alleged participation in a kidnapping on the 22nd of June, the reason why they will remain in prison while they face legal proceedings.

In a press release, the Mexican General Fiscalía de Justice (FGJEM) informed the detention of Jairo “N”, Roberto Sandro “N”, Diego “N” and Francisco Javier “N”; quienes fueron located as los alleged perpetrators of the seizure of an individual who reported them before the Ministerio Público.

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The subject was intercepted on the street and taken to a house. Credit: Cuartoscuro

They seize his son in Edomex and escape from the house where they keep him to report to his captors

The investigations arrojan that these men above all they intercepted the victim in an avenue of the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli el día de los hechos; in the aforementioned rapture they had it struck with a firearmand I will stop it sometime Take it away by force of an inmueble of my municipality.

The possible implicated persons afterward were brought to a person inhabited by the family members of the person following the road, from where wrote a letter in that they demanded an economic sum in exchange, decide on it; you don’t know what the amount of pesos they were asking for was.

However, during the discovery of the alleged captors, the man who was deprived of his freedom could leave the house where they kept him kidnapped, looking after you immediately to ask for help to elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad del Estado de México, logrando la detención de los mismos en el act.

Presumably they took money in exchange for the man’s freedom. Credit: Fiscalía

Those arrested, alleged kidnappers, will remain in prison

At the time of capture, take advice a basic fusil with useful cartridgessome short items that were not identified in the Tax Notice, envelops with narcotics and cell phones. Everything was ensured and presented to the competent authority as planned.

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According to the information disseminated in an official manner, the detained men were presented before the Agent of the Public Ministry, who began the respective investigation into the crime of kidnapping committed and subsequently took place admitted to the Centro Penitenciario y de Reinserción Social de Cuautitlán.

Four persons were detained for their alleged participation in the kidnapping. Credit: Cuartoscuro

The four there were buttons available in a game immediately, who bound them to the process, giving as time as possible the period of one month and 15 days to complete the investigation corresponding complementaria; as a precautionary measure if you implore justifiable preventive detention.

In the specific case of Roberto Sandro “N”a legal process was initiated for her Possible intervention in crimes against health, in the drug menu modehipótesis de position and purposes of trade; Nonetheless, everyone should be considered as innocents until a sentence is given against them.

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