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Artificial lakes and luxurious residences: as is the Lomas de Angelópolis, “the Mexican Beverly Hills” where a junior shot a guard

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On the last few days, the most exclusive area in the state of Puebla He was in the eye of the Huracán. If it concerns the Lomas of Angelópolis, whence recently a young man brutally attacked a guard of security. The accident occurred last month November 27th, at 7pm, at the entrance to the Gran Boulevard Lomas, in Lomas I.

The guard pointed them out to the young man, identified as Patricio N, who would show up identification To be able to give you access to the residence, as indicated in the employment protocol. The young man, preparatory student Anáhuac Puebla, he reacted violently, attacking the security guard with repeated punches, which was captured by the cameras of security and a person who took part of the altercation.

Exact moment of the accident. Photo: captura de pantalla

This accident caused indignation in the social networks and has been added to other cases of aggression in the same area of ​​high surplus value: Lomas de Angelópolis.

Following reading:

Guardia de Lomas de Angelópolis breaks the silence, ensures that you will report to Patricio “N” before the FGE

Who knows about the family of the young man who shot the guard and why it went viral in the red?

How and where is Lomas de Angelópolis located?

In the area you can come across small waterfalls, lakes and long distances. Photo: Google Maps

Lomas de Angelópolis is an area that combines commercial and residential life, toasting its residents a wide variety of recreational spaces. Some people apodan it “the Beverly Hills Mexican”, You can find among its attractive houses and buildings, picturesque green areas that feature artificial lakes, pathos and inclusive educational centers of renown.

Financial centers are also located in this region. Photo: Google Maps

Furthermore, the area hosts several shopping centers and restaurants that offer local food and international meals. Similarly, Lomas de Angelópolis has a hotel offering, as well as elegant condominiums and departments for those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle.

The residences are of high plus value. Photo: Google Maps

Outside the residential area lies Angelópolis, which is about 15 km square and stands out due to the high level of acquisition of the majority of its inhabitants, as well as the presence of numerous skycrapers. Furthermore, it houses various hospitals, both private (Hospital Puebla, Hospital Ángeles, Torres Médicas) and public (Hospital General de Cholula, Hospital para el Niño Poblano).

Sonata is a smart city inside Lomas de Angelópolis. Photo: Google Maps

Map: Where is Lomas de Angelópolis located?

The places of greatest attraction in the Angelópolis area and the ones that lead to minute escapes from the residential area where the “junior from Puebla” shot at a security guard are:

  • Angelópolis Shopping Center
  • La Estrella de Puebla
  • Complejo Cultural Universitario
  • Metropolitan Auditorium
  • El Parque Lineal
  • International Baroque Museum
  • Sonata

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