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Army installs anti-drones system in Michoacán with embush registered in Mexico

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There Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) implemented an anti-explosive drone system in the region Tierra Caliente de Michoacán, place of the emboscada Registered on Mondays past, against the military, in the municipality of Múgica.

The governor of Michoacán, Alfredo Ramírez Bedollainformed that this system is commanded by officers of the 43 Military Zone, based in the municipality of Apatzingán.

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Prevent the appointment of more anti-drones teams
PHOTO: Special

Michoacán prepares for attacks on criminal groups with explosive drones

“Our new anti-drone team has been deployed in the area, they are teams of the latest generation who are giving good results in the area and we are looking to bring in more teams of this type, with the intention of giving protection to both the operations that we carry out with the Civil Guard, with the Army, as the general population”, signaled.

The past month, prior to the attack perpetrated against the soldiers, in which an element of the Sedena lost his life, inhabitants of the locality of Gámbara, in Múgica, and his elders, informed that criminal groups they flew over non-tripled aerial objects, loaded with type C-4 explosives.

For more than three years, the use of drones Explosives have been a common strategy among crime groups that operate in the entity.


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