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Armed command seizes 35 women who leave a boat, authorized by the hunters

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A wardrobe command presumably habría seized to a group of less 35 women who went up from one boda celebrated in the state of Katsina, to the north Nigeria. According to information agencies, they were reported during the past night on February 1st and apparently there was the biggest ambush in a series of kidnappings that have been recorded over the last few days.

The Nigerian authorities confirmed the facts and revealed them road women they were listening to the news at their home, when they were intercepted by armed men, who are deprived of their freedom. “Suspicious persons from armed bandits set up an ambush and kidnapped the elder of 35 women” I said – in the past few years – the police spokesperson, Abubakar Aliyu.

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The victims return from a boat. Photo: freepik.

Why did they kidnap 35 women in Nigeria?

According to the official, insecurity continues to increase in the country, as pandillas they have increased their operations in the north and the center of the entity. Local media inform that crime gangs intercept victims in their homes, streets and schools; According to the official data, more than three thousand people have been there deprived of their freedom since last year.

The kidnappings have increased in Nigeria, thanks to the groups criminals each time exorbitant figures like rescate, the numbers exceed the thousand pesos, this is to supposedly make the life of the people better deprived of their freedom. SBM Intelligence – an agency specializing in data analysis – has confirmed that since the start of the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu (in 2023) 3 million 964 have been reported secuestros.

The authorities investigate the hechos. Photo: special.

Number of women on the roads could be greater

According to the notification by the authorities of Nigeria, the local authorities of the Katsina state have received a call for attention in the local media, to ensure that the number of women deprived of freedom I could be mayor. In respect, Nasiru Muaz, internal security commissioner, said that the number of women who listened to the new wife was at her home, was higher than 35.

“We communicated to the officials located there 53 people fueron secuestradas“, God to know Muaz at the information agencies. Now, if you don’t know if the armed groups have solicited some type of rescue, but the authorities will investigate them.

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