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Ariadna was encountered on the Cuautla-Tepoztlán road; she had a party with one of her dearest friends

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Ari, as many knew Ariadna Fernanda López Díaz, was a very happy young girl of 27 years, who could give her a smile to anyone, her friends remembered her as a warrior.

After losing your mother to cancer, you need to lie with the support of your family in order to heal the pain that caused her the loss of her most loved one, but that doesn’t stop everyone from finding a light in her.

She knew Ari, she trusted people and hoped for the best in them, but it was such great courage that led her to meet people who would end her life.

What happened on Sunday 30th October?

On Sunday 30 October 2022, after several days of insistence, Ariadna finally agreed to go up to the party with Vanessa “N”, a friend who had tried to contact her in previous days.

“Ari was very keen to publish everything he did, breathed, endured, pounded. She went through a state and Vanessa commented on her story on Instagram”

Friends looking for the young girl remember that both Vanessa, like her sentimental partner Rautel “N”, have been constantly looking for her, were inclined to share in social circles and insisted on seeing her, but Ari had denied her.

It was just this Sunday, on the pretext of celebrating Halloween, that Vanessa invited her to spend the day with her and other friends; Without knowing it, it would be the last time she met Ariadna Fernanda.

The young girl reunited with Rautel and Vanessa, who were accompanied by more people, in a restaurant in the Condesa colony of the City of Mexico. After Ariadna arrived, it hadn’t been more than an hour and they decided to head to Rautel’s house.

On the following day, Monday 31st October, no friends or relatives of Ariadna would hear about her. Their concern arose when they noticed that there was no youth activity in social circles, not by telephone.

Alejandra, one of her most sought-after friends and roomie, started the first search with her sought-after friends, among them was Vanessa, who was the last person with whom I was and who gave various versions of what happened, which raised her suspicions.

In his explanations, I made sure that Ariadna had to go to the restaurant, then she changed her version and I said that she had to take a taxi from the Rautel department to go to the place, but in all her versions she made sure she didn’t know Ari’s parade, so that the first line of investigation was that had disappeared.

Ari’s friend didn’t say anything, she continued asking other friends and family members, but none of them knew anything about her. So it was that they started to spread the situation in social circles and began to ask for part of their queridos of her.

This same month, simultaneously, two cyclists traveling along the Cuautla-Tepoztlán road, in Morelos, met, by coincidence, a body without life and with signs of violence, it was Ariadna Fernanda.

The young people gave notice to the authorities and just as many feminicides published photographs with particular signs in social circles with the hope of being able to identify the victim. Ariadna’s friends encountered images circulating on the internet, where her tattoos were shown as her main features and helped them identify her, including Ari’s most characteristic feature, a sunflower.

Moving to Ariadna, the family moved from the city of Mexico to the General Tax of Justice of the State of Morelos to obtain personal recognition. Once they were received with kindness; without embargo compliance the process advanced and the declarations, began to be treated with hostility.

This tax code also brought Alejandra, accompanied by other friends, who had since contacted the cyclists who encountered her friend’s body and who raised the complaint of disappearance in the city of Mexico.

Read the story of Ariadna Fernanda here

Rautel and Vanessa also arrived to give their declarations; At this moment, Ari’s friends and relatives knew that this suggestion had some relationship with Morelos’ authorities and that the difference was noticed in the process.

“At first I was treating myself very well and very normal, until I was very empathetic towards those who were interviewing me, but in a moment they started to change”

The inconsistencies come to light

In the first necropsy, which was carried out by the Fiscalía de Morelos, it was indicated that the young girl suffered from bronchoaspiration and severe alcohol intoxication, it was confirmed that her body had no signs of violence and that Ariadna Fernanda died on the night of the canteen.

However, the Tax Office of the City of Mexico intervened in the case of the petition from Ari’s family, a second necropsy was carried out, and they did not accept the first version of the cases due to the inconsistencies, also to ensure that there are risks enough about what happened with Ariadna, from the videos of the surveillance cameras, to Vanessa’s comments and the photographs shared by the cyclists.

The CDMX authorities reported that Ariadna’s death was a femicide, the results of the second necropsy revealed that it was a multiple trauma that ended with her life; without embargo for the evenings queridos of Ari still no concern.

I know more about the case of feminicide in Our Olvide

Ariadna’s friends assure us that the femicide of young people is an example of the corruption and abuse of authority that exists in Mexico.

The General Fiscalía de Justice de Morelos found that Ari was a victim of feminicide weighed on the tests and differed with the results of the analyzes carried out in the City of Mexico.

At this moment the main suspects were Vanessa and Rautel, who were the last to keep in touch with Ariadna and who also showed up at the veil.

On the site you will find means of communication, which is why they intend to return some statement from the party. Vanessa avoided talking, but Rautel told reporters that he didn’t know what had happened to Ari and insisted that they not have a relationship with her death.

The truth rose to the light

The next day they learned about the details of the security cameras of the restaurant and the building where Rautel lived and it was until this moment that part of what had happened to the 27-year-old was revealed.

In the images, which went viral, are observed by a man carrying a body, which belongs to Ari, who without life was lifted to the cajuela of a truck to later be abandoned in the middle of a carretera with the soul of no one encontrada.

Both Vanessa and Rautel were detained and even though the trial continues at the moment, it is not even possible to determine what happened within the department, why Ariadna was murdered, no one is responsible. What is well known is the corruption that involves chance, the obstruction by part of the authorities, the abuse of power and the traffic of influences.

For more than a year after her femicide, Ariadna Fernanda’s family members and friends are in the game to bring justice to the youngsters, they weigh the pain of their misfortunes and the crime above will bring a punishment to those responsible, they will ensure that they will not be held accountable Stop taking all the wrappers, not just for Ari, but for all the female victims of violence in our country.

Por: Adai Ruiz Montes de Oca

Edition: María José Serrano Carbajal

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