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Argentina devalues ​​money 50 percent to avoid hyperinflation

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The new government of Argentina announced this Tuesday that the type of gearbox official will cost from 400 to 800 pesos each dólarone of the medicines in the “urgency” package to stabilize it economy.

“Let’s go and see it type of gearbox official. It will be worth 800 pesos so that the productive sectors receive the appropriate incentives to increase their production”, announced Luis Caputo, Minister of Economy of the new Government of Javier Milei, in a published menu.

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Economy announces increase in taxes

The promissory note correction goes “to be accompanied by a provisional increase” of the denomination imputed in País. PHOTO: AFP

Caputo indicated that this promissory note correction should “be accompanied by a temporary increase” of the denomination impuesto in a country that applies to imports and export rights of non-agricultural products.

“In this way we benefit exporters with a better price and we equalize the fiscal burden for all sectors, avoiding discrimination in the agricultural sector”, he said.

Caputo indicated that, “finalizing the emergency”, he is going to “advance the elimination of all the areas of the exportationwhich are a perverse burden, which clearly we don’t like and which numbs the desarrollo Argentine”.

Nuevo Gobierno implements package of “urgency” in Argentina

This emergency package aims to neutralize the crisis and stabilize the economic variables. PHOTO: AFP

These announcements form part of a decade of medidas who integrate a package of “urgency” with their finality, as Caputo indicated, “is to neutralize the crisis and stabilize the economic variables”.

The package is centered on a strong reduction of the state’s gas with the aim of reducing the fiscal balance and reducing the monetary issue, which causes high inflation in the country. Argentinafrom the diagnostics of the new government.

With information from EFE

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