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Are you in danger of a new pandemic? Detectan extraño virus in Perú

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Recently, in the dense jungle of Peru, a disturbing phenomenon has captured the attention of the global scientific community. A construction worker of 20 years, whose identity he keeps in reserve, presented alarming symptoms in a local hospital: joint pain, fever and high fever. After exhaustive analysis, doctors were faced with an enigma: the patient was infected by an unknown viruswhich has seen comparisons with serious pathologies such as malaria and dengue.

This mysterious pathogen, which has been classified provisionally within the group of phleboviruses, is characterized by causing high fever, intense muscular pain and, in more serious cases, can cause meningitis. The unusualness of this virus is rooted in its genetic composition, which reveals segments never before seen by specialists. The discovery generated a global alarm, requiring health authorities to maintain strict vigilance before the possible appearance of similar cases.

You are alarmed, but don’t worry. Photo: Freepik.

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What if there is a new pandemic?

Even as of late, they have identified three cases of fever caused by phlebovirus in Peru, one of the incidents, in the Hospital of La Merced Chanchamayo in 2019, where symptoms such as loss of appetite and sensitivity to light were observed, which suggests that this is The virus may be circulating sporadically and at the moment does not represent a threat to local or global health, so authorities have asked not to be alarmed.

The symptoms are also extraños. Photo: Freepik.

The Naval Medical Investigation Unit of United States, which analyzed the patient’s bloodstream, established a connection with the Candiru phlebovirus. However, the genetic structure of the encountered virus presents significant differences that lead to a simple mutation of Candiru, leading to a new virus.

What will the authorities have with this new virus?

This hallmark has sparked a call for action in the scientific community. The journal Emerging Infectious Diseases has begun carrying out ecological studies to understand the potential impact of this new virus on the population. The United Kingdom’s Health Safety Agency has emphasized the need to detect and monitor emerging pathogens, especially those that cause fever in patients, as a critical measure to protect public health.

Investigations are necessary. Photo: Freepik.

In this context, scientists emphasize the importance of monitoring patients with similar symptoms to identify possible new viruses and prevent their spread. Although the fate of the infected patient remains uncertain, it has opened up a crucial period to better understand emerging illnesses and strengthen global preparation before ailments of this type.

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